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MOVIE: Keep firing assholes

A Five

emothy asked: Top five fics you want to see someone write.

Ah ha. Ha ha. HAHAHAHA. I tend to get a little over enthusiastic about this, so lets see if we can get keep it at five! also, somehow, it became "top five fics i want to see someone write PORN." Sorry.

-Firefly - the "Flying Tams" story Ive been bugging literarylemming about forever. See, River's really bendy, and Sean does yoga, which means Simon has to be really bendy, and DONT YOU THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE JOINED THE CIRCUS TO HIDE FROM THE ALLIANCE? IT WOULD BE AWESOME AND PERFECT AND I KNOW IT MAKES NO SENSE AND I *STILL* DO NOT CARE.

Because this is me, it's River/Jayne in some manner, and because it's River being bendy and Jayne being Jayne, it's probably porn.

-Gokusen - another one ive been wanting for a while - what would happen if Yankumi hadnt come back? would 3D still have quit? What would Sawada Shin do at that point? Will Yankumi put up with his dropping out? Shin/Yankumi, of a more serious bent - although it would be easy enough to dork it out. in my head, Shin moves in to ojou's house when his apartment stops getting paid for by daddy.

if i cant have that, i want angry confrontations between Shin and Yankumi after she quits. And then I want makeouts where he's pissed and she's crying and they're alternatively clinging to each other and shoving each other up against useful walls and furniture and teacher desks in order to grope each other. YES. bitter!hurt!angry! makeouts with yelling and crying and shoving and MMMMMMM.

-Hana Kimi - Nakatsu/boy!Mizuki. I want dirty dirty genderfuck fics of Nakatsu's fantasies and him doing RESEARCH to find out more about gay sex and yes. this needs to exist.

I also want Nakatsu pegging fic, but I can promise you that will never ever occur with Mizuki. Why is it so damn hard to porn Mizuki?

-Mei-chan graduation fic - i want fic where the ladies graduate, and all of a sudden, THE RULES ABOUT BUTLERS AND LADIES DO NOT APPLY ANYMORE. I want Nezu and Fujiko making out as soon as her degree is in her hands. I want Rihito and Mei being ever more flustered and flustering each other with long significant looks and daring brushes of the hand. I want Hongo-grandpa sitting back and giving them his blessings, in a round about way, and the LAUGHING as they stumble over themselves and each other and blush horribly.

And then I want Mei throwing her arms around Rihito and planting one on him.

-Arashi - stranded on an island! Aiba builds a boat out of coconuts! Sho promptly sinks it for him (WAIT FOR US, RAINBOW BRIDGE!)! Ohno makes elaborate sand castles and buries Nino in the sand! Jun makes designer clothing out of palm fronds and leaves!

...what? it's TAMER then a lot of other arashi fic! I JUST WANT SOME CRACK, THAT'S ALL.


I love your brain like FIERCE!

...and dont think ive forgotten that you are supposed to write me smutty Mei-chan fic. *stern look*
I WILL write that Gokusen fic some day. *mutters about stubborn Yankumi, stubborn Shin.*

The "Flying Tams" sounds awesome.
Shin and Yankumi want to be dorky and stupid in love with each other. they dont want to be serious. that's why it refuses to be written.

The Flying Tams is something Ive wanted for so long, I can almost see it in my head. I just cant WRITE it.
they dont want to be serious.

*nods* I wrote *one* serious Gokusen fic, and the rest have all been fluffy and cracky. Trying to make Shin and Yankumi angst feels. . . strange.

I KNOW I shared a snippet with you before, although I can't for the life of me remember where it went. I'll have to poke at the story a bit again.

in my head, Shin moves in to ojou's house when his apartment stops getting paid for by daddy.

And living with Shin just heaps piles and piles of guilt on Yankumi. Her precious student's bright future has been tarnished! And it's ALL HER FAULT!

I can almost see it in my head. I just cant WRITE it.

I HATE when that happens! Or the fic sounds stupid and stitled the moment I try to set it down in words.
And living with Shin just heaps piles and piles of guilt on Yankumi. Her precious student's bright future has been tarnished! And it's ALL HER FAULT!

And Shin never says anything, just falls into step with her to walk her to..whatever new job she got, that isnt teaching, that she really doesnt like but she doesnt think she should be teaching now anyway. he doesnt notice/care/want to deal with her guilt, so he ignores it, and he's the one who encourages her to get back into the classroom. it isnt her fault he's a screwup.

Does Yankumi even go for a "respectable" job? She's already RUINED EVERYONE'S LIVES!!! so she shouldn't be trusted in polite society again. Yankumi reluctantly takes over the family business, so she's even more horrified that Shin sticks to her side, no matter how hard she tries to push him aside.

Serious, bitter Yankumi is still hot, but Shin misses her dorky side. Not that he doesn't have issues of his own, of course.
i would love to see her trying to run the cash register at a store, though. i dont know. before she joins the family, i want to see her miserable and stupid at menial jobs that monkeys can do!

...im a cruel person, i know.

maybe she suggests taking over the family, and Shin makes it very clear that he's going too, then? So she tries a whole string of stupid jobs?
Yankumi nobly tries to make the best of things. She can still guide today's precious youth! She lectures teenagers who come in to buy alcohol with fake ids; she goes into a spiel when a teen comes in to buy condoms: "A true man takes responsibility for his actions, and considers the consequences! However. . . you're still young! Make sure that this is the right decision for you!" etc. etc. etc.; and! Yankumi launches herself over the cash to chase down a pickpocket, leaving a line of customers waiting.

She gets told off by her boss, of course. Every day, it becomes harder and harder to find the silver lining.

YES! exactly! i see a string of awful jobs she gets fired from - and Shin is always waiting for her by the door to walk her home. He doesnt even have to say anything, just falls into step with her.

I kind of just want to ask this question to everyone. Because it isn't like you've asked anyone to write them, but now I want to XD
i DID do yours first!

and please, if you feel the urge to write anything based on any of those prompts, PLEASE FEEL FREE.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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