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PGSM: Nephrite

Ice Ice Baby

So, while avoiding Beezlebub, a manga that beckerbell and anenko are reading and cheerfully telling me i would adore, i managed to start reading something completely different.

because im just like that.

Im reading Vanilla Ice, a Korean manhwa, and i like it tons.

I need to stop clicking on the gender benders, but they're so much FUN.

Girly looking boy, boyish girl are neighbors. She kicks everybody's ass, he is a weak, wilting flower who WANTS to be a badass. Im sure they are the OTP, but Im totally shipping them with other people. The "other guy" is the perfect honor student by day, and a complete kickass hooligan by night. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER.

Hilariously, so do the other girls at school. Wanna know why? BECAUSE THEY CAN PRETEND SHE'S A BOY AND PICTURE THE PRETTY YAOI.

Unfortunately, onemanga only has it up to chapter 20, and it looks like the subbing team has put it on hiatus.


ps. apologies for the spam. have i mentioned brandus is still out of town?


Ooooh. I love gender bending manga!
it's pretty awesome. the girly guy is very annoyed at the constant being rescued and taken care of by the boyish girl. the boyish girl is cheery and straightforward and doesnt care what people think of her. she has an intact family, too - her mom is a former cop, and is HOT AS HELL, her dad is a bodyguard. HIS dad draws girl's manga, calls him "princess," and keeps trying to get him to dress up in girl's clothes to pose for his drawings.

unfortunately, it sounds like the mangaka got very sick and has been unable to work on it, so the whole thing is on hiatus. :( i really like it, too!
I'll definitely check it out. I actually have a list of genderbending manga and manhwa; I'm always pleased to add to it.

You might like Penguin Revolution, too. The heroine is adorable--but tough--and ends up crossdressing. She lives with an up and coming actor who has to crossdress as a girl. Hijinks!
please to share your list! *beams* i love the gender bending and crossdressing. i actually like this one quite a bit - there isnt much crossdressing, and very little is THAT over the top except for the fights. Taehee wears the girl's outfit and is perfectly comfortable being a girl, even one who looks like a boy - she never stresses over it or starts whining about if she was a "real" girl, or whatever. Plus, she's tough!

Sul is tough in his way, too, although he HATES looking like a girl. the girls? love it. they want to dress him up and pinch his cheeks.

will check out Penguin Revolution. Ive gone through all the gender benders on onemanga, so it's time to move on to a different site.
The list. They aren't actually RECS--while I love some of them (Fruits Basket, Ouran), others left me cold.

Lemme see. I haven't read any of these, but I have them marked as "genderfuck" on my Amazon wishlist: Otomen; Metamo Kiss; Kedamono Damono; Your & My Secret; The Day Of Revolution; Kashimashi; Cheeky Angel; Pretty Face; Click; Tenshi Ja Nai!!; Broken Angels.

I LOVED the first several chapters of Penguin Revolution. It lost a bit of it's charm during the movie premier storyline, but at 35 chapters, it's a light, quick read.
Otomen is the one that is currently airing as a drama with Sekime! i fully intend to read and watch that one! SEKIME!!

Kashimashi is weiiird. my friend rinalin bought it in the japanese book store while i was visiting her in Seattle, and she adored it. i started it, but after the 15th boob grab to the boy-now-a-girl, i couldnt deal with it anymore.

the others i havent heard of..there is a whole list of others at onemanga, but none of the others caught my attention that much. Power!(Girl Got Game) seemed promising - her dad signs her up to go to high school as a boy so she can fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA, but the drawing differences between her as a boy, and the boy whose bound to be her love interest are NONEXISTENT.

...help. ive been eaten by manga. *weeps*
Otomen is on my to read/watch list. There's another drama that sounds a bit similiar: girly boy and boyish girl end up switching bodies. I forget the name, but I have it bookmarked *somewhere.*

Girl Got Game is. . . an odd one. There's a sudden swerve into DARK territory in the middle of the crossdressing hijinks. The hero and heroine look the same--the big difference, I believe, is their bangs. It hit my embarrassment squick several times, although the hero dealing with his sexual idenity crisis was horrible *and* funny.
I love how noble the fangirls make themselves sound XD.
it's a sacrifice for them, isnt it? we'll let you date him, but only because we want to imagine the porn if you were a boy...


There's one thing about the Vanilla Ice manhwa I don't understand. Why are so many character designs ripped off of final fantasy and anime in the school festival scene? Tanhee as Lulu from FFX, Sul as Sakura from Cardcaptor, cactuars, etc. Did the artist get permission to use those images?
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