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PGSM: Second Best

Random, Party of One

Im bored, but i dont feel like doing my Five Things answers yet, so you get babble instead.

- Why and when and where did people from Asia start doing peace signs in pictures? It's gotten to the point where I've seen so many pics taken in dramas that I nearly do it when I see a camera. Im curious, as my penpals from Japan when I was a kid always sent pictures, too, and everyone was ALWAYS holding a peace sign up.

- also, there is a Gokusen fic somewhere on the Pit that I eventually gave up on because the author kept saying things like, "Shin put up the bunny ears sign," and i just couldnt get over the stupidity. BUNNY EARS.

- Other insanity: i got a comment on facebook from someone I went to school with, admiring my courage for naming my kid Voldemort. No, really, I did. And then I stared at the comment for a while in complete confusion, trying to figure out how to respond.

- I am currently exhausted as i got up early today so i could get child up and fed and to daycare early so i could go to a meeting 45 minutes away. when i walked in, they told me i didnt need to be there and to leave. i sulked in Target for a while and then had Chik Fil A.

- I skipped an entire episode of Skip Beat. the episode where she's the chicken, and Sho is on Bridge Rock. I just..couldnt deal. Also, it's much easier for me to see the shippiness in the anime then it is in the manga. either the manga is more subtle, or i just get distracted by all those damn pages and panels and cant remember how short of a time it has actually been since Ren swooped in and was hot.

- literarylemming resynced Arashi's Crazy Moon pv to Lady Gaga's Just Dance. It works abnormally well. The last chorus and the very end are things of BEAUTY.

the other Arashi fanvid that makes me laugh harder then I can possible explain is I Wantcha by waxrose, which i would desperately like to embed, but right now wont even play for me. It's here, though, if you can get it to play.

- Im tempted to go back through alllllll of my lj posts ever to make sure they are properly tagged. I spent way too much time looking for a particular post the other day so i could give darkeyedwolf links to my psuedocest Lost fics.

- my tummy hurts, and i object


All I can say, dovey, is that people are dumb.
really really dumb...
hee! doing it in pictures while in Asia makes sense. In the US? IT MAKES LESS SENSE. YOUR FRIENDS GIVE YOU STRANGE LOOKS. *facepalm*
I've seen so many pics taken in dramas that I nearly do it when I see a camera

Tell me about it. It's really embarassing.

I Wantcha is hilarious! It even made me appreciate Jun's solo dance! I love the brains of fangirls!
Anything that can make you appreciate Jun's solo dance is very powerful. *boggles at him*
It's not really a peace sign they're flashing... it's a V for victory. I did that a lot when I graduated college, too. :)

and the video!! I love the fact that not only does it play while i'm at work, it SYNCS up oh so well. :)
ah HA. that enlightens me, slightly. except that it's done in just about every single picture taken in dramas. WHAT IS SO VICTORIOUS?

I think it's cool, i'm just trying to figure out kind of the significance of using it.

doesnt it sync up AWESOME? i love it insane amounts! ahh, my dorky dorky boys and Lady Gaga - together!
maybe it's moved beyond victorious to encompass just being cool. Or that they survived the drama to take a photo. :)

your Arashi love is so obvious, it may be catching. :)
your Arashi love is so obvious, it may be catching.

OMG, you are such a dork. ILU. :D

I say yes to music and videos and whatever else will help me understand the dorkface glee you have for Arashi. I don't promise to get into it; nokomis305 did a bandom primer for me so I'd undertand her love, but I didn't get into it the same way. Isn't it enough I'm writing a Tin Man EPIC for you??? (I'm on chapter 17. There is smut and drama and smut and more drama. Basically, my usual kind of storyporn!)
as if I would EVER encourage you to write dirty dirty porn! *horrified sniff*

....ok, so im ALL FOR THE PORN, and i love you DEEPLY, you know that. *beams*

Brace yourself, one arashi primer coming up.
there is drama in this epic. and porn. lots and lots of porn. *nods*

"I hope to break your brain with the hotness" kind of porn. It's a great antidote for work wank. ;)
you are doing quite well with your epic porny drama! it has all three of those qualities!

and yes, please continue to break my brain. i cant remember what section left me keysmashing hopelessly, but it sure was yummy!
there will be more keysmashing. and threesome keysmashing. oh, yes, I'm having waaaaaaaaaay too much fun with Az's storyline. :)

I struggle more with DG's storyline. I dunno if you can tell. I've been getting input from mynuet, who's been listening to me whine about it. any thoughts you want to see, just let me know. :)
From what I've seen while living in Japan, you have both the peace sign and the victory sign, depending on the situation. I think they see the peace sign as being cute, and as the Japanese love everything cute, they want another way of being cute in their pictures. When taking serious pictures at my elementary school, we'd have to tell students that they couldn't do the peace sign at all or else most of them would have been flashing them in the pictures. The victory sign is more for when you did something awesome and are proud of it. It's not as common as the peace sign. I will admit that flashing the peace sign is very habit forming, and I do have to actively think about whether or not I want to show it when I'm having my picture taken.
now see, the "cute" idea makes perfect sense to me, whereas the V for Victory didnt.

are you Japanese/from Japan/live in Japan? because these odd culture specific things often occur to me, and knowing who to pester would be very of the cool.
I will say that flashing the victory sign after PWNing someone is a lot of fun.

I'm not Japanese, but I've lived in Japan for the past two years. Sadly, I'm returning to America in a couple of weeks. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can about the odd cultural stuff, though part of my answers will most likely be based more on what I've observed than on what might be the actual truth.
Is this person who made the Facebook comment someone I know? Someone from our hometown? Because that possibility seems oh-so-very likely. :D
she is from hometown, but i have no idea if you know/knew her. but yeah, good point, I always underestimate the insanity of that place.

my compliments for living there and remaining relatively unscathed.
my compliments for living there and remaining relatively unscathed.

Heh. Don't look too closely - if you look into my eyes, you'll find they've stolen my soul... ;)
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