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Ani Me Stupid

So, I have nine eps of the Skip Beat! anime that anenko sent me. Im watching them.

If i didnt already know and like the storyline, i would NOT be watching it, and I will admit to skipping forward past things when I want to get to something else.

But, Im enjoying it, I guess? Each ep goes by fast, so it's not hard to watch at all.

However, i checked ilessthenthreetv, and while there are links for eps there, they only go up to ep 13, and the links for eps 11 and 12 dont work. I dont know about 13, i havent tried.

So...where would I go about finding these other eps for downloading purposes? Por favor?

Also, to my shame, I found myself exclaiming, "that looks fun!" or "ooh, pretty!" or "boy love? Sign me up!" when looking through the anime tag at that one comm.

..it probably only a matter of time before i download something else.

*deep sign*


I was lured into Japanese media by anime first, so I must warn you - never, EVER watch Prince of Tennis XD I love tennis, which I thought would help at first, but really the tennis they play is anti-gravity, anti-physics and basically magical, so it's not really anything like real tennis at all. But that's over 170 episodes to get through. All I can say is the characters were so much fun :x

It's kind of fun to watch you wade through dramas, then manga and then anime though! ;)
never watch it because the tennis is ridiculous, or never watch it because i will never get my life back? or both?

It's kind of fun to watch you wade through dramas, then manga and then anime though!


...I mock with love!
you can download off crunchyroll? i thought it was streaming only.
Yeah, I prefer the manga. The anime is pretty, but the manga owns my *heart.*

I don't think the Skip Beat! anime was distributed as neatly as things are on jdramas. The uploads were a bit scattershot. There are a bunch of alternate download links over here.

ETA: here, too.

Edited at 2009-08-10 09:48 pm (UTC)
excellent! thanks!

and im not sure if it's the fact it's an ANIME or just the fact that it's this anime that's causing me to fast forward..you know, the fact that i know what's coming.
Knowing what's coming doesn't necessarily bother me. I've reread SB! a half dozen times by now. It's. . . hmm. I have echoes of the manga when I watch the anime, and they don't *quite* match. It's jarring.

If the dl links don't work (I didn't check any of them), give me a shout. I'll upload the remaining eps myself.
I am quite good at anime - what kind of thing are you looking for? Funny? Shoujo? Shounen? Long? Short? Realistic? Fantasy?

Tell me what you'd like and I shall endeavour to hook you up!
I...i dont know? um, see, honestly, this is the VERY FIRST ANIME IM WATCHING. i mean, like, watching the whole thing, and not getting bored and turning it off in the first five minutes.

i need some romance, but it doesnt have to be a ton, and im not particular as to het or slash..i like strong female characters, and im shallow enough to admit the guys should be hot. i like the funny, rather then soul crushing angst, but ill take dashes of soul crushing, so long as it isnt the main thing.

i like crack in dramas, but i think sticking with more realistic type things to start with might be of the good...that said...i love fantasy/sci fi everywhere else, so...

...this comment basically answers no questions at all. sorry.
One of my favourite manga series ever is Ouran High School Host Club and I found the anime adaptation quite good (TAMAKIIIIIII~). It's not realistic AT ALL but it has some great funny moments and the story is just adorable.

Another one you might like is the 10-episode (really short!) series Hatenkyou Yugi, which is published as the manga Dazzle. It's about a girl who goes off adventuring with a hot guy, and then they meet another hot guy, and there's hotness and hilarity and then random bits of plot and nothing is ever really explained but I liked it.

Hmmm. I love a series called Ghost Hunt, about a normal girl who joins a team of ghost hunters. It's very case-orientated and the first case (first three episodes) is easily the slowest, but the characters are excellent and the steady drip-feeding of plot that we get is just amazing. It's based on a series of novels and has an AUSTRALIAN CHARACTER and I love it to pieces.

anenko loves a manga series called The Wallflower (I like it a lot too) and it was made into an anime with rather terrible production values, but it was a lot of fun. Lots of hijinks and when they were drawn well, the guys were stunning, but they were also chibified A LOT.

Fruits Basket is another great one - the anime covers the first 8 or so volumes of the 23-volume manga but it has a beautiful pace and I think it must be impossible not to like it. The characters are brilliant (SHIGURE~~~) and the story is really engaging, although it kind of peters out towards the end of the manga.

One of my favourite shounen series is Gintama, which is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. It takes a while to get off the ground but the humour in it is second-to-none and Tomokazu Sugita's voice makes EVERYTHING AMAZING.

On the magical girl front (think Sailor Moon) I really enjoy a series called Shugo Chara! It has a catboy and he is evil only not really and he's hot. *nods*

And, ummmm...that might have to do it for a while. This is all from memory, I haven't gone through my anime folder, but I'll do that soon and get back to you with more recs. Enjoy your anime, the next frontier!

I'd suggest the Wallflower manga over the anime. Neither of them is really *good,* I suppose, but the story is pure id. Sunako/Kyohei are the MOST FRUSTRATING OTP EVER. They have great sexual tension when they aren't trying to kill each other, though.

Fruits Basket: a must read/watch. THE shoujo series. I second Ouran, as well.

I loved Witch Hunter Robin (secret organization that fights witches. . . but are they the good guys, or the bad guys? Male/female team that the fandom ships). GetBackers is another favourite (male/male team who "get back what shouldn't be gone." Ensemble series, with some great female side characters).
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