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BSM: The Roads of Ghost and Man

[Confessions/Disease and Danger/Battlefield] All This for One Date? (Brown Sugar Macchiato)

There are many many ways I can tag this spam. Many ways. Because this? Is a ridiculous show and an insane amount of crack in it.

I love it awesome amounts.

Gui Gui likes Wang Zi. Wang Zi thinks Gui Gui is insane. She drives him nuts. She follows him around, she pulls pranks on him accidentally, she stuffs her pictures in his pockets. SHE IS EVERYWHERE.

Until, suddenly, she isn't. And Wang Zi is getting rather twitchy about how out of character she is acting. What should he do? Catch her in a net, tie her up, challenge her to ping pong and ask her on a date! Oh! Of COURSE!

Gui Gui isn't talking. And she sure as hell isn't talking to Wang Zi.

He decides to take matters into his own hands and make her talk. Or listen. Or something - who cares, really? He's got the hots for her, he just doesn't want to actually admit it.

He gets a net - ask me from where. i dare you - and chases down Gui Gui

That doesn't work. She runs away again. How about a rope (he got it from the same place he got the net)?

What you always say when you've just tied up a girl, right? No, wait..that isn't right. Focus, Wang Zi!

He asks her for a date - after insulting her, her stamina, and devotion to him. She wants to know why he's asking this now. Whatever, he says, tell me where you want to go later.

Later? Well, she turns him down flat. Says he's never liked her before, he won't admit to liking her now. She'll wait for something who actually cares for her. I fall head over heels for her.

Wang Zi, however, doesn't give up. You know what comes next? EPIC CHASE SCENE. One in which it was very difficult to cap.

I feel somebody watching...

Run like hell! Hurry!

Up and down the hallways, losing shoes, passing people who are clearly going WTF? Weaving in and out of columns like Scooby Doo...

I'm tired from all that running. How about a breather, you two? (and I gotta say, Wang Zi makes me say UNF, here)

Ready to go again? I know! Let's try something different! How about...PING PONG?

Shit! He won! Run for it, Gui Gui!

Gui Gui slides into her desk in the classroom, with Wang Zi bare seconds behind her. She tries to act like nothing is happening, he glowers at her. Ah, young love.

His eyes on her, glaring, fiercely watching her every move...

She touches her head - sways, and HOLY SHIT THAT BOY CAN MOVE

He catches her as she faints, and carries her off to the nurse

He doesn't like her AT ALL. That's why he keeps touching her face, and brushes his hand across her lips.

He leans...leans...and just as he's getting close, her eyes open, and he goes SHOOTING straight back up.

My favorite exchange out of the whole show - it's the sullen, matter of fact way he says it -

He has something he wants to tell her. Which promptly leads him to fiddling with everything in the office and refusing to look at her or actually speak.

Don't worry, Gui Gui can handle him. She asks him point blank. He tries to weasel out of it, but she's not having any of it.

If you do like me, just nod.

I had to post all three of these caps, because it is such a subtle, teeny thing he does. Apologies for the blur in the third cap. Damn twdrama quality!

*hearts* Emotionally repressed guy with cheery, bubbly girl? YES PLEASE!


DDDDDDDDDD: I didn't like Gui Gui in the first two episodes that I saw of this but guh, that beginning summary - I LOVE stuff like that. XD
I liked her from the beginning - with her in that tight skirt making the guys do squat thrusts? and the way Wang Zi glares at her? Oh yes, i like her TONS.

She grows on you, though. She keeps TRYING to prank the other guys but not Wang Zi, and it keeps backfiring on her. And then she starts sneaking in his room at night!

HAHAHAHA. i warn you now, it is rather insane, completely cracked, and frequently stupid. im planning on one more spam for Wang Zi and Gui Gui, and maybe one from Wei Lan, so keep your eyes open for that. but there are so many characters that it's difficult for everyone to get equal story time.

also, the shipping in the beginning is insanely confusing. you know how you can usually tell who is going to end up with who based on how much two people argue, or accidental kisses happen, and whatever? yeah, that doesnt work here. AT ALL.
That is super cute. Also, LOL at all the boys having the same damn hairstyle. It's already hard enough for me to tell people apart, now they want to make it impossible!
it is SUPER cute! Wang Zi and Gui Gui are super cute! I cant resist them!

and yes, omg. i ended up having to make a cheat sheet to remember all the boy's names and which went with which! i still mix up two of them! it's made ALL THE MORE DIFFICULT when you add in the girls..and one of the girls has the same name as one of the boys!
You're just determined to overwhelm everybody's viewing lists, aren't you. *scowls* But this looks like just my kind of stupid crack! ^_^
Yes. Yes, I am. *beams innocently* Stupid crack is the BEST!
I love your taste in dramas. This looks super cute, although I'm a bit wary of the HUGE cast. I'll experience the drama through your picspams. Problem solved! *g*

(and I gotta say, Wang Zi makes me say UNF, here)

Oh, yes.
I love your taste in dramas.

that's because you know your taste in dramas is just as bad as mine. :)

and yes, the cast is HUGE. the focus is more on the boys then the girls, and you really only see about half the girls well enough to actually care about them. but yes, TOO MANY PEOPLE.

i am more then happy to picspam for your pleasure!
that's because you know your taste in dramas is just as bad as mine. :)

I like to think of my taste in dramas as being wide ranging.

I'm really torn about Brown Sugar Macchiato! Are Gui Gui and Wang Zi in the show often enough to make it worthwhile? Are there any other awesome characters and/or couples to make up for it when those two aren't around? Really, does the drama waste time on characters you simply didn't care about (unlikeable, boring, etc)?

I'm going to try to focus on my cliche_bingo fics for the next little while, but after that, I just may give BSM a go.
wide ranging! of COURSE! silly me!

I really enjoyed BSM, and while my main ship is Wang Zi/Gui Gui, because they hit my kinks hard and are SO COMPLETELY CUTE, there are other pairings. I like Ao Quan and Da Ya - they are actually the first "established" couple - and they have some really cute moments. The other couples dont even get started/anywhere until later on.

shipping is HARD at first, trying to figure out who will end up with who is nearly impossible. Ao Quan, who's the oldest of the boys, accidentally kisses Mei Mei and goes head to head with Tong Tong...but he dates Da Ya. So..it's confusing.

and yes, time is spent on people we dont care about, but...i dont know. i need to do a full rewatch, i think. then i could better answer this question.

it is very stupid overall, but it's very close to my heart. if you do watch it, let me know what you think!

Edited at 2009-08-02 01:56 am (UTC)
OMG, where do I find this *____*. It's so cute!

hope you like it!
Yay, will check out, thank you!
How can I resist a drama where the guy has to literally hunt down his OTP? Pure awesome!
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