Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Poor Bunny Rabbit



I just..i just found out something.

There is a drama about SPACE CAMP.

It feels like the heavens are smiling down upon me, saying, "here, we love geeks. join us."

I will not feel complete until I have this show and can immediately proceed to stuff my face with it.


Also of note, I am proofreading. Normally, here is where i might bemoan the quality of the porn. Sadly, we're on page 77 of 268, and there has been absolutely NO PORN.

Unfortunately, Im also overcome with the urge to stab all of the main characters in the neck with a screwdriver. The main guy is a dickhead, there is a GIRL in it, and she's immature, and he is completely and totally condesending to her, and i hate everyone. especially the main guy's brother Bryan, because he's mentioned 80000 times, and i've spent way too much fucking time trying to figure out when there needs to be a comma between 'brother' and 'Bryan.'
Tags: japan broke my capslock, jdrama, oh god japan what have you done to me?, proofing pain

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