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BSM: The Roads of Ghost and Man

[Flights of Fancy] Brown Sugar Macchiato - Stupid Half Naked Boys

Brown Sugar Macchiato is a twdrama that is, quite honestly, probably one of the dumbest, most cracked things i've ever watched.

I, however, have epically bad taste in entertainment, and I love it with all my heart.

It's about a group of six boys - all the same age, mind you - who one day find out they are all half brothers of the same father. He's dying of hookers and blow (...no, really. he loves women. his videos for his sons are hilarious, as they are filled with women in bikinis), and wants to pass on his money. Of course, they all have to live together and go to school together and convince him they are filled with brotherly love.

..this goes about as well as you would expect, with fist fights and glaring contests and a couple of them getting hit in the head with frying pans.

one of the rules for the inheritance is that they all have to pass their classes. Which is going just fine until Miranda, their English teacher, sweeps in.

Apologies for the crap quality. You take what you can get with twdramas.

Miranda decides that they will have no limits on their English exam. Which means they could be tested on anything from astronomy terms to medical jargon to the names of the seven dwarfs.

The only one who has a chance in hell of passing is Wang Zi, who is my favorite, but that isnt important. The boys spend their days cramming for English, with their housekeeper even going so far as to password lock the fridge and the bathroom with English words and riddles.

Their nights? Well, they look a little like this:

Meet Miranda. She's hot.

The boys beg her for some clue. A hint. Anything.

What will you do for me, she wonders.

They will pay her with their, and I quote, "nubile young bodies!" All three caps were so stupid. I had to keep them all.

Miranda? Isn't impressed. Maybe they're too skinny?

Please! Teacher Miranda!

They grovel and plead half nakedly to a smirking Miranda

Dont worry! It was just a dream! ...that all six of them had at the same time...


OMG What?????
lmao! "what?" in regards to which part? or just the very existence of the show?

You'd probably hate the whole show, because it is very very stupid in places, very over the top, and not a speck of real angst to be seen.

...i love it.
Ah, hahahaha! *dies*
*beams* i love this stupid show more then is healthy.
Oh Asia. Why are you so awesome?

Hee! Of *course* it was a shared dream.

That cracked me up with Hana Kimi, too. There's nothing AT ALL strange about a group of guys sharing the exact same fantasy together. Nothing at all.
And Gokusen - group fantasies about cheerleaders? AWESOME!

BSM just gets weirder. There's an amnesia plot in the first 6 episodes. It is utterly RIDICULOUS.

..do we have an amnesia tag at drama hunt?
HEH. When I started into the scary world of tw-dramas, I always saw this being talked about (the name stuck out to me).

INTERESTING. Is there any romance or is it just boys, boys, boys?
Romance aplenty! the whole idea is that these 6 boys have to go to school together/live together/do everything together...and then they get to their new school, just in time to run squarely up against the 9 girls in their grade who run the school. My OTP is Wang Zi and Gui Gui, who are in my icon in the original post. They are DARLING, once she actually gets under his skin.

it was my first twdrama, and i LOVE it.
Hmmm, did you do any other picspams on this show? I feel like I might need convincing.
Not yet, but Ill see what I can do. i DO have some icons here.
OMG! This sounds hilarious!
it's awesome and hilarious and stupid, and i adore it.
Miranda reminds me of the English teacher in Proposal Daisakusen. "I am beautiful. I am sexy!"
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