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[Exposed!]Miss No Good and a Serious Lack of Towel

So, in Miss No Good, we have Rainie being insanely cute and insanely teeth gratingly over the top at various points. We also have Will Pan, who is lovely, and secondary girl, who was Rainie's best friend in Why Why Love (FOR THE LOVE OF TOAST, WHY?).

So! Rainie is convinced she is secondary's girl's bad luck - several things Rainie has said in jest about her have come true - which is why secondary girl is wearing a neck brace. Will Pan and his amazing lips scoff at this stupid idea.

"I'll prove it!" Rainie says. "When she comes outside, she'll only be wearing a towel, and her towel will fall right off!"

"Oh, PLEASE," says Will Pan.

Well, he asked for it.

Our assorted people (including secondary guy, who is not physically included in this picspam) are at a hot springs. During the girls' turn, Rainie is amazed by the size of secondary girl's boobs. Upon leaving the water, secondary girl decides to claim that someone stole her clothes so she can walk around in her towel in front of secondary guy, who is in love with Rainie.

Boob envy:

So, Rainie and Will have their conversation about Rainie's bad luck devil, and just as Will Pan scoffs at the sheer stupidity of the idea, out strolls secondary girl in her towel.

Shock and horror from the peanut gallery, because if she DID come out in her towel, there is a darn good chance that...uh oh!

Secondary girl stumbles on the step....

Towel: *drops*

Peanut gallery: He covers her eyes, she pushes his hand down

She covers his eyes, he peeks out from behind it.

They cover EACH OTHER'S eyes, yelling in terror the entire time

Towel: *reclaimed*
Secondary girl: WHAT DID YOU SEE?
Peanut gallery:
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