Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Warning: Arashi Stupidity

Those of you who dont care about Japanese boybands, please scroll on by.

Those of you who do, especially the epically dorky boys of Arashi, please pay attention, as Im not going to repeat this...more then a thousand times or so.

The lovely community fivesomeaday was kind enough to point this out to me, and now I cannot unsee it.

Someone in this picture is happy to see you.

I'm...shocked. I'm amazed. Im...trying to figure out what the hell he's got IN there. Good grief, Sho! You make up for your epic fail IN YOUR PANTS.

Im avidly rewatching the performance of this, now. For the nth time. Join me!

Tags: i have arashi, sho fails and wins my heart

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