Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

The Minions are Coming!

well, seeing as we actually posted last night, krispy, i figured it was time to pimp.

sirkpega and i decided that one fic rec community wasnt enough.

we co-mod and maintain roswellficrecs for roswell specific fiction. its going pretty well, we have around 25 people who are members.

but thats not enough fic for us, oh no.

so, now there is minionsficrecs, so we can talk about all of our fav fics in all our fav fandoms.

its a closed posting comm, and i dont think we are going to share posting access, unless we know you well and like you lots. but usually, we like each other, so no posting for you. this is a personal comm so we can rec to each other..because normally that takes place over AIM with the links and the command, "read this!" which usually means i lose the link later.

basically, if you would like to join/friend us, feel free.

the fandoms, more or less, that we plan to rec are:

pitch black/CoR, Smallville, Roswell, Gilmore Girls, Xmen movieverse, Harry Potter, Alias, Buffy/Angel, Dark Angel, Firefly, Joan of Arcadia, Pride and Prejudice, Reboot, Star Wars, Stargate SG1, X well as any new fandom that grabs us.

we only posted for the first time yesterday, so there are some Pitch Black recs and an Xmen movieverse rec.

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