Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

You No Goodnick

I watched all of Miss No Good, and while I love Rainie, and Will Pan might be my current favorite guy ever, i wasnt all about it.

Rainie's clothes were fine, but the wig was horrid, and her cutesy little baby voice grated on my nerves, and PLEASE DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE MANNERISMS. THE FACES. AAAAAAAH.

It did hold my attention once I tortured myself got through the first episode, and I was having a ball in the middle - especially after Rainie got her makeover, and I at least didnt have to deal with the wig.

But then, by the last three episodes, i was done. We had hit the point where everybody is in love and OH LOOK A CONVENIENT PLOT TWIST TO KEEP THEM APART comes along, and I wanted to bang my head against a table. I fastforwarded through 60 to 70% of the last three episodes, because I didnt care about the secondaries (and the ones I did care about got way too little screen time), and I just wanted to get to the happy ending, dammit.

So! What should I watch next? I have many things downloaded, and some that are on my more immediate list, but im not sure im in the mood for any of those. So! A poll!

Next drama?

One Pound Gospel - Kame's squishy face compels you!
Pride - hockey and mommy issues, ahoy!
Atadan - more mommy issues, but these are flavored with pure crack
Clue Collector - tw flavored crack about mysteries
The City Hall - Kim Sun Ah is still hot

I could also finish watching one of these:

My Girl - 3 eps down, and the cringing is less
Maou - can I handle the angst now?
Stand Up! - stupid boys and virginity, what's not to love?
Long Love Letter - I havent even gotten to the radioactive spiders
Yoiko no Mikata - Sho and BABIES - OW MY OVARIES!
Tags: help me obi won kenobi, miss no good, my capslock for asia, rainie rocks my world

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