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PICSPAM: Kissing a Christmas Tree (Miss No Good eps 2/3)

I started Miss No Good a while back, but even with my love for Rainie, it was ENTIRELY too painful. Too cheesy. Too over the top.

And then a few days ago, I wanted to watch something, but didnt want to start anything new, so I hopscotched my way through the rest of the first ep using my trusty fast forward key, and now Ive seen ep 3, and I no longer want to claw my own face off.

Anyway! There is a kiss!, that's misleading. There is not a kiss. There is a MAKEOUT.

And because Asian dramas NEVER have enough kisses, much less full out MAKEOUTS, I had to spam it for you. Im sure you understand.

Did I mention they were drunk?

I dont know Rainie's character's name, but she's basically Punky Brewster when it comes to fashion. Mismatched socks, crazy accessories, and as much color as humanly possible. She's a little eye blinding, to tell the truth. A guy from elementary school comes back from abroad and wants to date her. She looks like a walking Christmas Tree, which is pointed out to her by a number of people. Depressed over how people see her and wanting to make a good impression on Mr Now Hot and Rich, she imposes on Tang Men - a completely straight (no, really!) fashion person. I dont know what to call him, but he does make up and hair and dresses people.

Anyway! Rainie and Tang Men are celebrating something or another, and end up VERY drunk. ...the subtitles are often bizarre, because they are drunk. Ignore.

Rainie has been on one date with Hot and Sexy, and he tried to kiss her. She doesn't know how to kiss! Who better to ask about kissing then Tang Men, who has been so (unwillingly) helpful to her?

This is one of those, "I thought it was a good idea at the time" things. He doesnt set out to kiss her, but they're talking about kissing, and her lips are right there...

I need to point out: this is not a kiss. This is two people awkwardly resting their faces together. YOU HAVE TO PUCKER UP, PEOPLE.

They sway away drunkenly from each other. "I think I've forgotten something," she muses. She did. Her date with Hot and Sexy, but Tang Men informs her that she forgot to close her eyes. Better try again!

Aaaaaand, MAKE OUT. Open mouths, lips moving, heads moving MAKEOUT. SERIOUSLY.


Oh, yeah. This is gonna go over like gangbusters in the morning.
Tags: handsome pan, make out dammit, miss no good, picspammy, rainie rocks my world

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