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TOGETHER: Oh god he thinks he's cool


Here's what I ended up writing during Science Lab. There is a good deal more, and Im hoping to finish this up tonight, as it shouldn't be very long.

Gokusen - the second attempt at the Love Potion fic

He looked down at the offending chopstick, then raised his eyes to meet Yankumi's. He scoffed. "You as my great love? I doubt anyone could be so stupid."

Yankumi bristled and swept her hand to the side, nearly taking a chunk out of the door frame with the chopstick. "I could easily be your great love! Our love could be epic! Sweeping through the world and touching the lives of millions!" She was actually getting teary thinking about it. "We could move mountains, you and I! Change the world for the better! And your attendance would improve!"

I really do love writing Yankumi. I REALLY DO.


i know nothing of your unholy love of asian drama, but this snippet sounded really good. even if i have no idea what you're talking about. :D
heee! thank you! Gokusen is about a very very cool high school kid in love with his dorky dorky teacher. oh yeah, and she's secretly the mob. so when she isn't being dorky and over enthusiastic teacher for a bunch of hooligans, she's kicking ass and taking names. ...often of her students, but frequently of people who are trying to beat up her students.
there's something very... wrong about a teacher and student. even if it is a high school student, yanno? I think I would be less O_o if it was a university student. *nods*

In any case, I started writing chapter 12 last night. OMG, I swear half of this fic is nothing but porn. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but this probably why it's turning so epic. Should I go to two chapters a week instead of just one?
oh, she isnt in love with him. she's much too dense for that. or even to pick up on the fact he likes her. he's in love with HER. there is much pining and counting down til graduation day in Gokusen fandom.

there really isnt a huge age gap, honestly. he's 18, and she's probably 24.
ah... much less skeeved now, thank you. :)

see, that's the part about not knowing anything about a particular fandom that makes it difficult sometimes. I figured you're not into chan, but it's hard to tell if you don't know the characters. ^^;
AHAHHHA, PORN. MORE PORN. *leers happily*

hmm, two chaps a week would be good, but that's usually when i start to stall out on writing things..so if you're busy, id stick to one. that way if you dont have a ton of time to write, you arent getting horribly behind either.

I'm probably partway through chapter 12. and for the moment, since I'm on the computer just about every day now, I've been writing at least a little bit. I've been on Gchat, and I have my AIM logged in through there, too. So if you're on at night, you can poke me if there are particular things you need to see in the fic. mynuet has already been helping me out with that kind of thing. :D
I think it's the last line that truly makes it great...
hee! thank you!
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