Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


Here's what I ended up writing during Science Lab. There is a good deal more, and Im hoping to finish this up tonight, as it shouldn't be very long.

Gokusen - the second attempt at the Love Potion fic

He looked down at the offending chopstick, then raised his eyes to meet Yankumi's. He scoffed. "You as my great love? I doubt anyone could be so stupid."

Yankumi bristled and swept her hand to the side, nearly taking a chunk out of the door frame with the chopstick. "I could easily be your great love! Our love could be epic! Sweeping through the world and touching the lives of millions!" She was actually getting teary thinking about it. "We could move mountains, you and I! Change the world for the better! And your attendance would improve!"

I really do love writing Yankumi. I REALLY DO.

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