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PICSPAM: Monkey See, Monkey Do (ToGetHer - Mars vs Jia Sen)

Mars, a mostly has been super idol with the ability to make the dumbest faces in history and crack my ass up:

falls for Momo, a cute, quiet girl whose in love with a manga character:

Unfortunately for Mars, Jia Sen, who happens to be hot, a swimmer, and Momo's best friend, is ALSO in love with her. He also happens to be cognitively delayed, but this really doesnt seem to ever really matter romantically:

Naturally, things come to a head one day, leading to A COMPETITION.

Even more naturally, there happens to be a school mandated fitness test that day. I didnt cap much of it, because it's very hard to cap people while they are MOVING. But, there were sit ups, which Jia Sen won, push ups, which Mars won and i DID cap, because UNF.

I also capped this from that scene, because it makes me laugh like a hyena. Obviously, Mars is VERY mature. i LOVE his stupid face!

Then they ran. A lot. And Jia Sen left Mars in the dust. Momo seemed unconvinced that Jia Sen "won."

This leads us to the FUN part of this picspam. Competition of EPIC HILARITY.

It starts with Mars getting back to the house. Where Jia Sen is sitting and glowering at him. Now, if you end up sitting next to a guy you hate and you have the cognitive abilities of an eight year old, what's a really fun way to get under someone's skin?


To dinner! Every time Mars tries to get food, Jia Sen makes a grab for the same thing.

Just to fuck with Jia Sen, Mars fakes him out by pretending to put an ENTIRE ROLL into his mouth. Jia Sen, unwilling to lose to Mars in ANYTHING, stuffs one in his mouth too.

And then, of course, Momo needs food. So Mars, with the quick following of Jia Sen, helps her serve her plate.

Momo is less then pleased, and leaves the table (and the two very mature boys).

Hmm, thinks Mars to himself, I know how I can win. BEER!

Tags: jiro's stupid face, picspammy, rainie rocks my world, together, twdrama

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