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BUFFY: Ozborne

PICSPAM: Holy Crap, They're TOUCHING (ToGetHer/Superstar Express)

You know what I really like?


Like, not just in sweeping moments of overwhelming emotion where you just HAVE to grab this person and use them as your own personal stuffed animal, but couples who touch. Hand holding, hugging, KISSING, lingering touches to the face... IT'S ALMOST LIKE THEY ARE ACTUALLY IN LOVE!

So! I have random bits of touchiness under the cut for the entire run of ToGetHer, so some random spoilers throughout.

This one ends up with him getting punched in the face, which made me laugh like a hyena.

Ok, so this one is imaginary, but it's still pretty.

She's using a technique to help him not be nervous...5 seconds after this, she slaps him.


He's checking her fever, so he says...

Dancing! She looks amazing, he doesn't care that she's tripping over his feet.

They're on a BOAT. A narrow, skinny boat. I watched this entire scene waiting for one of them to fall out or overturn the thing. Nonetheless, SO SO PRETTY. Their first real kiss where both are participating!

I refuse to tell you what's going on here in an effort to avoid a MAJOR spoiler, but look how much pretty touching they are doing!

I dont care that they arent actually touching in this one. They are laying down on the SAME BED, and it's not by accident, so it totally counts in this picspam!

More pretty that Im not going to explain, except to say, THESE ARE ALMOST ALL DIFFERENT SCENES



Ok! Here we go!

He SINGS to her! It doesn't even come off as cheesy! He proclaims his love at his first concert back (causing the big bossman to pass out), and pulls her up on stage.

And two more, from the very end. They get interrupted, so I have no caps of them actually TOUCHING, but the intent is there!


so cuutttteeee! I love this drama so much!And the boat scene, I was hoping for at least one of them to fall off *sigh*
if it had been ANY OTHER DRAMA, they would have!
LOL, yeah! But then I wonder how they'd continue the story from there!
Eeeeeee *deep breath* eeeeeee!

I love each and every one of these caps. The last one is the perfect end, too: they're both so happy, and smiling, and *adorable.*

it's so CUTE. there are a few episodes near the end where there are many tears, but omg TOTALLY WORTH IT.

happy and smiling and TOUCHING. LOOK! LOOK HOW OFTEN THEY HOLD HANDS! HUG! KISS! *flaps hands*

a few episodes near the end where there are many tears

The cap you showed me of Manager (Yi Zhi?) crying nearly broke me. Someone that adorable shouldn't be CRYING.

I'm just happy that Mars and Momo don't appear to do the whole: I like him/her -- no, I don't -- yes, I do -- angst angst angst thing dramas do so often.

I've just wrapped up Atadan, and plan to finish off the last six episodes of That Fool. And then, it's ToGetHer all the way!
Honestly, i have NO IDEA how to classify anything in this drama, except that it's AWESOME. the stuff they run into is PLAUSIBLE, and more importantly to me, THERE ARE NO BAD GUYS. there isnt one overwhelming evil person out to ruin their lives. everyone (with the exception of the bitchy girls who bully Momo, and Ben, who is a pain in the neck) is just trying to live their lives and do their jobs. to have a drama that deals with plausible things (even though they might only be plausible if you're dating an idol) is just AMAZING. the whole thing feels very real, even though the first half (and Jiro's stupid face) is so completely over the top.
Are you going to watch the BTS? The boat scene has some cute BTS stuff.
Oh - & it's my wishful thinking but I totally got the vibe from the BTS that Rainie & Jiro were...close...
i did watch it! it was very cute - Jiro's little dance move when he was moving in to kiss Rainie the first time was awesome, and Rainie's pretend make outs with the bitches was HILARIOUS.

i didnt get any vibe at all from them, though, sorry! In my mind, Rainie belongs with Mike He and his awesome hair.
lol - I guess I'm not as attached to Mike He although I also love the hair. I adore Jiro, though.

It was the part when she's talking about how pale he got when he was sick from drinking all that milk.

You've totally convinced me. When I get home tonight, I'm burning the episodes on DVD. Also, I scrolled really fast past the spoilery end. The scene that was the decided factor? The one on the bed where they're not even touching but just looking at each other. I NEED to see that scene and the context and everything. I adore bed laying with no touching, however weird that may sound, it's just so damn intimate w/o being REALLY intimate.

Now you've got me rambling, but I'm definitely starting it this week, if not tonight then tomorrow!
SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD. SO GOOD! By the end, i wasnt even shrieking about Jiro's stupid face, instead i was going "HELLO YOU ARE PRETTY AND I WANT TO MARRY YOU."

the bed scene is lovely, and yes, i agree, there is something so very intimate about lying on a bed together, even though you arent touching.
awww so cute lol xD
now i need to watch this drama coz i like both Jiro and Rainie though i always like Rainie with KingOne and Mike the most<33
is this drama really good??
i LOVED this drama. it's not a conventional drama - they never handle things quite the way you think they would. Rainie is, in my opinion, probably at her best here. It's a hard character, but she does amazing. And Jiro is just hilarious and stupid and AWESOME as Mars.

Mars is probably one of my favorite drama heroes, to tell the truth.
This looks really adorable! Thanks for the picspam, I'll check this drama out when I get the time :)
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