Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

[Piggyback] Care Taking (ToGetHer/Superstar Express)

ToGetHer/Superstar Express is not your typical romantic comedy twdrama. I honestly dont know how they are going to handle any different topic, because they aren't hitting a whole bunch of cliches as they go.

They do have their share of cliche experiences - it's just how things are handled that tends to be nontypical.

Now, in a typical drama, this piggyback scene would be full of barely realized feelings and would usually involve character 1 discovering character 2 is deathly ill and involve a piggyback carry at a run to get character 2 to medical care.

This? Not exactly.

Yes, Momo is sick. Which Mars discovers when he comes downstairs in the place they are staying to wake her up so they can go to school. Pretty hand on face shots follow.

She has a very high fever, and he doesnt hesitate in the slightest. He picks her up in a bridal carry and takes her straight to the hospital. He moved way too fast for me to cap, so you dont get to see it. She has 104 fever, and the doc scolds him for waiting so long to bring her in. If he had waited any longer, it would have turned into something much more serious.

They give him strict instructions for how to take care of her, and send them on their way. Mars has his hands on Momo's arms the entire time, and you hear whispers of "is that Mars' girlfriend?" up and down the hall, which Momo either pretends to ignore, or is so out of it that she doesnt hear them. Mars tries to ignore them. In the cab, he tells her to stop trying to be strong, and to lay on him already. He scoots closer.

Getting back to his manager's house where they are staying, Momo starts to cough. There are alot of stairs to climb, and Mars just cant let her do it all herself anymore when she's so sick, and he can help.

This is the cap that meant I had to post these, though. There is something about how he is reaching up to touch her hands - like he's checking her grip and making sure she is ok, all at the same time. pretty.

He carries her upstairs, and studies the medication, and touches her face to check her temperature.

And then gets a little flustered and runs away. His stupid face, y'all. Seriously.

Tags: jiro's stupid face, picspammy, rainie rocks my world, together, twdrama

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