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MEI-CHAN: Interruption

ToGetHer/Superstar Express 2

I just finished watching this, and this could not wait, because MY MOUTH IS HANGING OPEN IN SHOCK. I dont know whether Im just bewildered that taiwan went there, or because I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PROCESS THIS THOUGHT.

First! Stupid caps!


It's like Jiro has NEVER SEEN BOOBS BEFORE. He doesn't know how to function!


now! to the point!

Ok, so Mars is a superstar whose popularity is in the toilet. He's having some emotional issues, many of them stemming from the fact the new popular guy is taking over his life and is, oh yeah, a total jackass. Mars has just had to humiliate himself by apologizing to the jackass for punching him in the face..which, in my opinion, the jackass had coming.

So! Mars is stomping around the parking garage back to his car, and this pulls up behind him.

She's a director. She invites him over later "to talk about a script." Mars is a dolt, and thinks she means she wants to TALK ABOUT A SCRIPT.

He shows up, of course, even though his manager (who is now actually managing the new guy) tries to warn him, but Mars isnt big on listening and driving at the same time.

She has the camera set up, wine out..and I realize exactly where this is going. I thought this was going to be a seduction. BOY HOWDY, AM I WRONG.

I think I saw a porno like this once!

She hands him a script to look over. Tells him she thinks he can do it, that it might make him popular again. And then..well....Yep, here we go.

He thanks her and takes off his jacket. It really is much more comfortable without it on! Now, let's talk script!

No. No, REALLY. Take off your clothes, and I'll make you popular again.

The lightbulb blinks on over Mars' head. But, really, she wouldn't do that? Would she?

Oh, yes. She would. And she is. Strip.

He thinks. He reaches for his buttons. He hesitates. It's very clear that the ONLY way to get the lead in this movie is to take off his clothes for the camera. "Can I not take them off?"

She is very clear. He will take his clothes off, or he will not have a job. By the way, he seriously needs the job. His mom needs money.

He thanks her, and slinks out the door. You can feel how dirty he feels.


Mars goes to a bar, gets very drunk, then walks home in the rain trying to wash off the stench of sexual harassment.

He stumbles in to Momo's room, demanding to know what she told him earlier before he left, about luck and sour milk, and he trips over her and HE CRIES and he tells her what happened. HE CRIES.

SERIOUSLY. HOLY SHIT. I WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS HAVE EXPECTED TO SEE A GUY GO THROUGH THAT IN A DRAMA. And to actually have it not turn into a joke! It was very clearly sexual..I want to classify it as more then harassment, but I dont know what to call it. Towards a MAN, and they showed how dirty he felt, and how awful the whole situation was, and holy crap. I dont know why this has blown my mind so much, but it totally has. HOLY SHIT.


I thought Jiro did an awesome job with that scene.
he really did an amazing job with this scene. i could feel how small and dirty he felt when he left, and watching the lightbulb blink on over his head when he finally realized what she wanted was heartbreaking.

this confident, stupid boy, brought low. it hurt me.
Taiwanese dramas are the frankest of the bunch (child abuse and rape in Mars, IMO) but I was shocked to see this in a supposedly silly piece of fluff.

I adore TGH btw - it's a very surprising drama - it goes its own way and is very, for want of a better word, tender and not really OTT at all in some ways (while deliciously ott in others) .
I was shocked to see this in a supposedly silly piece of fluff.

Yes! That's it, exactly! if this were a more serious drama, I wouldnt have batted an eye, but to see it in episode TWO of a ROMANTIC COMEDY just blew my mind!

im very much enjoying it, and Im really looking forward to see how they are going to handle Momo's best friend..who, in all honesty, is one of the main reasons i wanted to watch it.


I know what OOC mean, or OPP...what's OTT?
OTT = Over The Top.

Momo's best friend was somebody I really loved - he wasn't played for laughs and his feeling for Momo, combined with his knowledge of his inadequacy for her was heartbreaking.

Mars ended up being one of the sweetest drama leads ever, btw.
Jia Sen is KILLING ME. i know he's headed for heartbreak, and i know he really doesnt understand why, and I can barely talk about him, which is why i keep posting about Jiro's face. I CANT HANDLE IT.
. . . I can see why this blew your mind. It's an intense scene just from the *caps. (From the setup, I was expecting her to rape him.)
I KNOW RIGHT? I honestly thought it was going to be a seduction scene, so to have it turn out full scale..whatever. i cant decide if she's actually making a porno, or just keeps these tapes at home for the joy of blackmail, or what. and yes, i mean, when he realizes what she's saying, his face just...his entire body language changed, and it was just too easy to picture this unfolding with genders reversed like you KNOW it unfolds all the damn time. and really, when he left..he isnt proud, he feels small, and dirty, and ashamed, and he didnt even DO anything.

and this was in episode TWO of a ROMANTIC COMEDY. WHAT THE HELL.
I'm strangely impressed that they went there, and took it SERIOUSLY. I can see how suprise sexual harrassment would be something of a shocker in a romantic comedy, though.

I'm downloading the first two episodes as I type.
yes, to all of the above! Im amazed that they went there in a romantic comedy AND that they handled it so well.

and YAY, i look forward to see what you think!
I just finished the first episode. It was cute! While Mars (and I can't bring myself to capslock his name) started off fairly loud and obnoxious, he became more and more sympathetic as the episode went on. I was feeling terrible for him by the time he got booted out of his house.

(I think EVERY drama celeb has a giant sized poster of themselves at home: Young Jae, Ji Soo, Mars. . . )

Momo is adorable, although I don't think she was as well developed in the first episode as Mars; I think most of the *emotional* focus of the episode was on him. I'm deeply impressed by her hair. And go, Momo, for punching the guy who kissed you without your consent! I'm glad she's not a dishrag heroine.

Mars' manager is cute, too. I loved his dance in the metro station.
Mars is SURPRISINGLY sympathetic. and a decent guy, under all that swagger. You know how alot of times, the male lead who is popular and famous and all that, is only nice in private? Mars ISNT. He's nice in public, too. He stands up against bullies, he gives credit where credit is due..it's kind of amazing.

im thinking im really going to like this one. i dont think they're going to handle anything in any sort of manner im used to for dramas, and im very much looking forward to that.

Momo is adorable, but i think the main focus is really on Mars and on his emotional journey. Im hoping for more character development for her.

i LOVE Mars' manager. he's darling, and he honestly cares about Mars, which is something that Mars desperately needs.

...i cant believe im getting this meta of a JIRO WANG character. Everytime I think of Jiro Wang, I think of Xiu Yi and his epic stupidness!
Mars is SURPRISINGLY sympathetic. and a decent guy, under all that swagger.

He really is - & I don't think anything could have driven it home & made us (& Momo) soften toward him like this did, you know? It seriously took him from adorable woobie to WOOBIE!!!

The whole topic of MARS being an idol who's lost his popularity & the way the industry works felt very honest & interesting.
I really am enjoying the look at how the idol industry works, even knowing that this is just a tv show, and it's probably not on 100% of the way things work.
This happening? Amaaaaaaazed me. In such a good, thoughtful way. A GUY, YES! Not jokey, so far from jokey! So sexualized and so very serious AND WAY TO GO, SHOW. Well played, writers.

...oh god, I'm spamming your journal now, going through your ToGetHer posts!
lol! spam away! i posted them for comments and feedback, and because of Jiro's amazingly stupid face!

and yes, this scene still just..blows my mind.
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