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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Picspam: ToGetHer/Superstar Express - ep 1

I just started ToGetHer (which I remain confused about how to pronounce - Together? To Get Her? Both?) last night, and I think I am going to enjoy it ROYALLY.

I made a picspam of the first ep - just for you!

For starters, this is Momo:

She's played by Rainie Yang, which pretty much guarantees that I'll love her. Momo is a hermit. She doesnt like to talk to people, and is currently having a love affair with a manga character. She even throws his cardboard cut out a birthday party. She's adorable.

This is MARS. He's played by Jiro Wang, and the way his character was introduced means I can happily continue my policy to NEVER TAKE THIS MAN SERIOUSLY. he's a doofus. he's kind of an ass, but he's already a woobie, too. I kind of like him.

Anyway, our darling Momo has a tendency to be overlooked, starting from when she was very young.

She likes being invisible.

MARS is a big shot idol. Or..was. He isnt now - and honestly, it's not even his fault! He went to help a cameraman up who fell, and pictures of him "hitting" the man came out. He agreed to a picture with a couple of girls, and pictures of his hand on one of their boobs came out..and he wasnt even touching her boob. Etc, etc. So, his house has been given to the new hot thing, and MARS has been told to get his ass in school in some vague idea of at least giving him some way to make a living besides being annoying, I guess.

This is how we meet MARS. Huge rock concert! Screaming fangirls!

...large stuffed something (whale?) sitting alone in the stands..


....lonely lonely stuffed creature

He's DREAMING. While sleeping with the stuffed whatever. NEVER TAKING HIM SERIOUSLY. I love you, Jiro.

I do, however, take his abs quite seriously. mmmmm.

That's his manager with his head on Mar's chest, by the way. He's checking to see if he's alive. Or possibly if he's up for porn. I kinda love his manager, too.

So, Mar's first day of school, and he shows up wearing the most ridiculous outfit outside of a Johnny's. I tried to cap it, but i think even the camera thought it was too ridiculous, as the cap was horrifically blurry.

He thinks he's hot stuff. He's shooting finger guns and blowing kisses and generally being a complete moron. Meanwhile, his manager is paying for the car out of his own pocket, because Mars doesnt get a company car anymore.

Mars breezes into class and proclaims his coolness, and all of the girls want to show him around. Teacher picks the name of a student out of a hat to be his guide.

Yep! You guessed it, MOMO.

She shows him around in the most hilarious way possible - she's ten feet in front of him speaking close to a whisper, he's behind her surrounded by fangirls and stopping frequently to force unsuspecting students into photo ops. She finally gets rid of him and sits down to enjoy her lunch and her lover, manga prince guy.

Mars sees her sitting alone, and because he IS sort of a woobie, and does have some niceness buried somewhere, comes over to says thanks. Only, because he is also an ass, he decides what she really needs is his autograph. Which he signs across Prince whatsis' face.


She actually YELLS, telling him that he's stuck up and a jackass, and all of his popularity is due to the hard work of the people around him, and that NOT EVERYONE LOVES YOU, YOU IDIOT.

Here's the face he makes. WOOBIE.

Of course, we find out quickly that our boy has some serious self esteem issues. If he isnt popular, then everyone hates him. A good chunk of his money goes to pay off his dead dad's debts. More goes to take care of his grandparents.

Naturally, he cant afford his current house, and it's being given to the new hot thing in entertainment. His manager has found him a shared house with two young ladies that he can afford the rent for.

I took this picture of moving in for the crotch shot. I think I was actually trying to cap the second before it, when he's actually sitting up bemoaning his fate, but this is what you get.

Of course, it's Momo's house, but he doesnt know that yet. Instead, the next day, he sees her again, and decides to make her love him. If he makes everyone love him again, he'll be popular, right?

It goes about as well as you would expect.

Next episode? Drunken antics, coming face to bare body of your new landlady, and Jiro, as always, being a moron. Im looking forward to it!



You always manage to solve my "What should I watch next?" dilemma. I've had the series sitting on my hdd for a while now but I've been in a jdrama mood so I haven't bothered. (Am currently trying Uta no Onii-san again and it's much better than I remembered, yay Ohno~!)

Jiro is also way hotter than I remembered, and I'm loving his slanted hairstyle in this. Much better than his orange tufty-thing in HK!
it's ridiculous fun so far. and Jiro is a total moron, which is good fun. i just spent 5 minutes laughing like a seal while watching him try to figure out how to unbutton his pants to pee while his hands are tied behind him.

and yes, there have been a couple of times when ive just thought 'DAMN he's pretty.' and i dont really find Jiro attractive in any real way.

lol. you and your azn shows. :D

did you see? I posted Tin Man fic. finally. FOR YOU, BTW. *nods*
i love my stupid stupid shows. *hearts*

oooh, you did! I was watching stupid azn stuff, so I missed it! *runs to go read*
I figured the lack of squee was probably because you just didn't see it. :D

I've started chapter 11 last night. No porn in that chapter yet, but there's loads already. and much more in coming chapters. :D
this is true! i was head down in watching silly asian shows about stupid boys and spunky girls! otherwise, i would have replied earlier. :)

yay for additional porn! i havent read your chap 8 yet, though..i need to go do that.
I should withhold chapters, then. You're spoiled, having seen them first. ;)
I love TGH - it's such a very sweet drama!
i like it very much so far, and im only through ep2! if i didnt have to get up early, id be watching ep 3 by now!
This is next up on my list! Once I finish Atadan, I'm in for crazy celebrity antics (*and* fanservice for the female population. Yay, Taiwan!)

(And I *just now* realized that one of the guys in Atadan played Shiori's butler in Mei-chan. *is slow.*)
And I *just now* realized that one of the guys in Atadan played Shiori's butler in Mei-chan. *is slow.*

LMAO. biases has been swooning over him, too! I figured you would have known!

and yes, watch this! my brain has already exploded in ep 2, so i desperately need someone else to watch the scene that destroyed my mind so i know im just insane, or that HONESTLY JUST HAPPENED.
I am totally watching this next!

I love Rainie and her character looks completely adorable here and I think Jiro's abs are calling to me.

Plus, the last time I watched a tw-drama was. . .forever ago. I think it was Fated To Love You, which was a disappointment.
yay! i think you should! it's great fun so far, with me boggling at the screen every episode or so with how non-traditionally drama-ish this is. i love it.

Rainie is ALWAYS adorable, even when I hate her character. But I like Momo, and Im looking forward to knowing more about her.

also, besides Jiro's abs, Jiro's THONG UNDERWEAR should also be calling out to you. I kid you not.

I ran screaming from Fated to Love You after 8 episodes, because i could feel the angst approaching, and I wanted to hit both the main girl and the male lead in the face. i wanted to scream at her to stop being a fucking doormat and PS DYLAN IS HOT, and i wanted to him the guy for being a complete asshole and only having one facial expression of exasperation.
Jiro's THONG UNDERWEAR should also be calling out to you

Que?! All I needed to hear was Jiro and thong. I'm sold.

Rainie is ALWAYS adorable, even when I hate her character. But I like Momo, and Im looking forward to knowing more about her.

I love Rainie and I do like her character here. I've actually seen the first 4 episodes and she does a good job with Momo. I think this might be her best acting job so far, seconded by Why Why Love.

I ran screaming from Fated to Love You after 8 episodes

I wish I'd joined you. That said, no angst. BUT I kept watching hoping that something would change that there'd be some kind of resolution but NO. The same things happened over and over again, repeating itself into a cycle to the point where there was no progression in the story, just an excuse for more misunderstandings and anger and etc. Ugh. I ended up not finishing but was upset that I watched SEVENTEEN episodes of basically the same scene over and over again. It reminded me of Full House, basically, where the same issue popped up in every episode and would get solved and then would happen again in the next episode.

(That said, I thought the lead girl in FTLY was adorkable.)

I'm sold! YAY - new drama to watch. Whichis really good beacuse i was getting into a Korean rut and needed out of the angst - btw - one to avoid Brillant Legacy/Shinning Inheretence - Didn't even make it past ep 2 before the angst moved in for over kill!
im REALLY enjoying it. Im not ficcing it or anything, but i like it alot.

it is not your typical drama, and neither of the leads are typical either, and every time i think i can predict what happens next, something happens to throw me for a loop.

and i avoid kdramas unless the word COMEDY is featured prominently somewhere. because kdramas are soap operas on heroin.
kdramas are soap operas on heroin - SO TRUE!
That was one of the most hilarious picspams I've read in a long time! ToGetHer became one of my favorite dramas ever - & I actually think Jiro's the least doofusy in this out of all his dramas...eventually. I think it gradually wears off of him. ;) The only thing I never got over is the mop they put on Rainie's head. Sometimes it's not half bad & then they always have to fluff the mop & make it horrendous again.
hee! thank you! i really did love this drama, although Im not as crazy for it as to need MORE. like, fic or things. im very satisfied with it on the whole.

honestly, Rainie's wig here isnt nearly as awful as her wig in Miss No Good, so im willing to overlook the crime of making such an adorable girl doofy looking.
It's odd but I find her wierd perm wig less disturbing that the thick mop in ToGetHer. It especially drove me crazy in the very last episode.
And now back at the very beginning. This episode was such an excellent set-up for the rest of the series. It didn't set up any unrealized expectations or disappoint or mislead in any way. Mars is what he is, and Momo is what she is, and Yi Zhi is just a ridiculous amount of adorable for that tiny body.

In the earlier episodes, I really waffled about liking Mars. He was just so completely clueless, so shallow, so self-absorbed. And yeah, a lot of it came back to the self esteem issues, but STILL. I wanted to find it irritating.

But everytime I thought I was finally getting to that point with no turning back? There'd be a shot of him sleeping with that stupid stuffed creature, and.

Well, I'd just have to be a stone-cold bitch to dislike a guy like that, right? Right. So.

I'm done spamming you now. XD
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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