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Girlcrush: Rainie Yang

FINALLY! Another girlcrush post! Because the ladies always need more love!

Girlcrush: Rainie Yang
Who is she: absolutely adorable Taiwanese actress and singer
Why I love her: She really is darlingly cute. She's also a decent actress, and does "cute but spunky" equally well with "jaded and irritable." She also frequently acts opposite Mike He and his hair, who I love lots, and she isn't overpowered by him OR his hair, so yeah, I love her. She gets to kiss Mike He and KingOne on various occasions, which brings her extra points. She played in Meteor Garden (TW Hana Dori Yango) as the Yuki character, and was evidently very cute, but I haven't seen it. She's been in a number of things, including things with Mike He, AND a movie where she makes out with girls. But, really, I think she's completely adorable. Her smile is a tiny bit crooked, and it's darling. SHE'S darling.

She does some modeling, but I tend to prefer her happy silly shots. Nonetheless, PRETTY.

YOU'D make out with her, too.

I call this, "Rich and Homeless."

Look! She's darling!

Just when you think she's all cute, she comes out with something like this. Yowza.

And the series of pics with Mike He. Because the two of them together (along with Mike's Hair), are just so freaking adorable it cannot be bared without sharing.

The last one is the scene in Devil Beside You where she walks in on him in the shower, screams and runs away, and then laments she didn't look. He opens the door wearing nothing but a towel and tickles her. Which is followed by his grandmother shrieking about them messing around, and Mike He looks down at his crotch mid-lecture and abruptly turns around. I laughed til I CRIED.

Extremely cute gifs from Devil Beside You! One is adorable, and one has makeouts, so really, we all win!

I tried really hard to find a picture of JUST her and KingOne, but Mike He always gets in on the action. And the threesome pics always looks so goofy, so I didnt bother to post one. IM SORRY KINGONE! THE MULLET ALWAYS WINS!

MV of Rainie's song, Ai Mei, from Devil Beside You. Featuring Mike He, and the full glory that is his ridiculous hair:

Watch Rainie Yang - Ai Mei in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

So, just to sum up: CUTE.
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