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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Girlcrush: Rainie Yang

FINALLY! Another girlcrush post! Because the ladies always need more love!

Girlcrush: Rainie Yang
Who is she: absolutely adorable Taiwanese actress and singer
Why I love her: She really is darlingly cute. She's also a decent actress, and does "cute but spunky" equally well with "jaded and irritable." She also frequently acts opposite Mike He and his hair, who I love lots, and she isn't overpowered by him OR his hair, so yeah, I love her. She gets to kiss Mike He and KingOne on various occasions, which brings her extra points. She played in Meteor Garden (TW Hana Dori Yango) as the Yuki character, and was evidently very cute, but I haven't seen it. She's been in a number of things, including things with Mike He, AND a movie where she makes out with girls. But, really, I think she's completely adorable. Her smile is a tiny bit crooked, and it's darling. SHE'S darling.

She does some modeling, but I tend to prefer her happy silly shots. Nonetheless, PRETTY.

YOU'D make out with her, too.

I call this, "Rich and Homeless."

Look! She's darling!

Just when you think she's all cute, she comes out with something like this. Yowza.

And the series of pics with Mike He. Because the two of them together (along with Mike's Hair), are just so freaking adorable it cannot be bared without sharing.

The last one is the scene in Devil Beside You where she walks in on him in the shower, screams and runs away, and then laments she didn't look. He opens the door wearing nothing but a towel and tickles her. Which is followed by his grandmother shrieking about them messing around, and Mike He looks down at his crotch mid-lecture and abruptly turns around. I laughed til I CRIED.

Extremely cute gifs from Devil Beside You! One is adorable, and one has makeouts, so really, we all win!

I tried really hard to find a picture of JUST her and KingOne, but Mike He always gets in on the action. And the threesome pics always looks so goofy, so I didnt bother to post one. IM SORRY KINGONE! THE MULLET ALWAYS WINS!

MV of Rainie's song, Ai Mei, from Devil Beside You. Featuring Mike He, and the full glory that is his ridiculous hair:

Watch Rainie Yang - Ai Mei in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

So, just to sum up: CUTE.


YAYY!! I adore her and you just reminded me how much I adore both her and DBY:) she really is too cute for words. I'd want to be friends with her in real life.
YAY! Im glad I reminded you of how adorable she is and how fun DBY is! i would TOTALLY be thrilled to be her friend, too.
I'm deprived! I have yet to see anything with Rainie Yang.

She is *adorable.*
she is SO CUTE!

Devil Beside You is pure and TOTAL manga silliness, and it's kind of awesome for it. there are bits that makes me want to stab my eyes out, but it's drama, so Im used to that. Here's the hook - Rainie decides to confess to the guy she really likes. Unfortunately, when she goes to hand KingOne her love letter, he bypasses her while she's bowing, and when she stands up, the bad boy of school is standing in front of her smirking. He takes the letter, hijinks ensue.

There are completely silly knitting scenes, psuedo incest, and a completely cute side romance with KingOne (Im telling you, THE MULLET ALWAYS WINS. IM SORRY KINGONE) and one of Rainie's female friends. (YES. She has female friends! TWO OF THEM!)

Why Why Love is good for the first half, then it becomes a soppy medical drama. yeah, i dont know either, but i LOVED the first 3/4s, and then wanted to punch everyone in the face. there is also a bitchface, so look out for her.

She's also in Miss No Good, but that one was too silly even for ME when i tried to watch it last time. Im sure ill try again, because it's RAINIE, but really, she looks like a grown up version of Punky Brewster.
Oh, Rainie! She's definitely going on the mythical Fembruary list, which may or may not ever eventuate. In fact, she's probably in my top five, alongside Nakama Yukie, Eikura Nana's legs, Yoon Eun Hye and THE WOMAN I WANT TO MARRY, ELLA. This is subject to change, but yes, LOVE.

I like Rainie's look because she always looks so cheerful and fresh and it never seems contrived. Also, I've loved her in everything (even Miss No Good, although I didn't finish it either, the subs were taking forever and by the time I got it all I wasn't in the mood any more) and I'm looking forward to ToGetHer, which I'll be starting as soon as I finish HK.

And yes, she holds her own against The Mullet, which is a miracle in itself. Girl must have some powerful charisma!
oooh, Fembruary! but wait..dont you still have one or two more to do for Manuary?

ELLA IS ALWAYS NUMBER ONE. ALWAYS. Eikura Nana's legs are also way up there, because YUM, and I sincerely hope you can find pictures to support this thought. mmm.

Rainie always comes across as real and happy and sweet in real life. and girl's gotta have some chops - the mullet doesnt overpower her and she holds her own. that takes some talent!

ToGetHer is, so far, fabulous. with a non-ass male lead! he has jerkish tendencies, but he's actually a nice guy!
She was cute in Meteor Garden but I always thought her hair was just ugh which really killed her adorableness for me! Oh - & I love the star bellyring she always had in her ear. I hadn't heard about the movie - O_O - goes to google!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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