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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Slacker's Remix, Part Deux

Anybody up for another round of the Slacker's Remix?

If you're interested, drop your info in a comment: name, fandoms, stories off limits for remix, and where we can find your stories.

Peruse the list of other people, and drop them a line if you're wanting to remix something of theirs.

Post a link to your remix when you're done, and I'll do a round up post at some point.

Crossposted to lj and dreamwidth, but please comment ON LJ so everything is in one spot.


name: alianora
main fandoms: jdramas, firefly, roswell, harry potter, gilmore girls, the inside..and some other stuff, maybe, idk
link to fic: SilverFic, which hasnt been updated in, oh, six months or so. am going to work on that now.
off limits: anything written collaboratively, unless you were the collaborator - specifically, the Deliberate Lies series is no touchy.

anybody who wants can remix anything of mine. no permission needed.
name: anenko
main fandoms: gokusen, hana kimi, skip beat!, the wallflower, getbackers, firefly, dark angel, big wolf on campus, various others
link to fic: scattered around. mostly at iwrotethat, with a few extra bits at my dreamwidth account (though the tags are still a mess).
off limits: none. go at it.
I noticed we have several fandoms in common and I like your work - would you mind if I remixed one of your stories?

Edited at 2009-06-14 07:54 pm (UTC)
I'd be honoured. Go for it!

I'm looking at the list of participants, and trying to figure out what, if any, fic I wouldn't be too intimidated to touch. *g*
hee! so far, the only people whose fic im really familiar with is yours and Mylan's, so..this remix might be interesting for me!
I'm perusing your comm and there are way too many ficlets that are interesting to choose just one. I'd love to remix a few when my schedule isn't made of suckage. :)
I remixed one just now, here.

I couldn't help it. The Little Mermaid? It had to be done. :)
Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire, Avatar the last airbender, Harry Potter, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Tokyo Babylon, X.
Archived @ Fanfic Masterlist
Nothing off limit.
I remixed one of your HP fics, and it's up at my journal here.
Haha, sure.

name: nextian
fandoms: Iron Man, Star Trek, and lots of smaller one-shots. (Philadelphia Story, Casino Royale, Jessie's Girl...)
stories off-limit: none! Go for it. Even the original stuff is fair game.
you can find my stories at: my fic tag. My favorites are up at AO3.
Ooh! Iron Man and Star Trek... Bing bing bing, we have a match. Mind if I remix one of yours?
Hey, anyone who makes a Winona Kirk Is Not A Jerk! post is a friend of mine. :) GO FOR IT.
Name: redbrunja
Fandoms: Naruto, Avatar, Saiyuki, some Firefly as well as a grab bag of other fandoms.
Off limits: none

Everything can be found under my fanfic tag:


and for a quick way to look at my older stories, here is a link to my yearly round-ups:


Also, regarding the remixs themselves - are there minimum word counts?
naah. we're all slackers here. write however much you want whenever you want. just link whatever you write back here eventually. :)
Will do.
HELLS YES I want in. :)

Everything is over at my memories page in "My HP fic," "My Firefly fic" or "My non-HP fic" if I remember the titles right.

Woo for slacker's remix time! :)

In my enthusiasm, I forgot to mention... Nothing off limits, tho for the sake of everyone's sanity I wouldn't recommend "Next of Kin" in Firefly, because it's 52 parts long and we're slackers here. ;)
Im pretty sure that just rereading Next of Kin would take me until next year's Remix!

Also, i shall remix something of yours, I believe. I just havent decided what..
woo. I will be looking through everyone's collections at some point when my work schedule isn't completely made of fail. :)
Name: ivy_chan, Serendipity1
Main Fandoms: Avatar, Naruto, TMNT, Shojo Kakumei Utena.
Link to Fic: Everything from utenadrabble is here.

Fanfiction.net profile, here.

Off Limits: Growing Pains and Orange Bitters, Misbegotten
name: ereluna

main fandoms: naruto, final fantasy vii, inuyasha, kingdom hearts

link to fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/~ereluna

off limits: none! have fun! ^^
I'd like to take a crack at remixing one of your fics, if you don't mind :o)?
^^ By all means. I'd be happy for you to remix one.
Thanks for hosting this! What a good idea. Many of my fave fandoms were nowhere to be seen at the Remix...

Name: Confusedkayt
Fandoms: Iron Man (movieverse), Batman (both comics and Nolanverse), and, I guess, now I have a Star Trek Reboot fic wandering around.

You can find Iron Man here, Batman here, and Trek here.

Remix anything you'd like!
Ooh, want to trade, actually? One of your fics is giving me ideas.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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