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MEI-CHAN: Promise Me

Fic: Monthly Appointments (Mei-chan, PG)

Title: Monthly Appoinments
Fandom: Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Dear beckerbell and biases, I hate you both. Just wanted to let you know.
Self indulgent and kinda sappy. Sorry? You're welcome? Something. This started out as comment fic and then broke the comment word limit in half. Whoops. Completely unbetad.

Rihito's brain could not process this. He stared mutely at the scene in front of him.

This was so much worse then the day Mei-sama forgot it was laundry day, and strew her underthings all around the room, and then caught him picking it all up. She had turned bright red, ripped several unmentionables out of his hands, and hadn't spoken to him for days.

This was even worse then when Kento had come back and tried to out-butler him for the position of Mei-sama's butler. Mei had endured it for almost a week before throwing her hands up in irritation and firing them both.

It took him an hour of standing outside her door knocking continuously before she let him in. And even then she snubbed him within her own rooms.

She was really cute when she flounced around in anger with her nose in the air.

Unfortunately, she wasn't flouncing now. No, instead, she was bent over the toilet, gagging and swearing at him.

It was what she was swearing about that he was truly having trouble processing. It wasn't possible. He would know. He always had kept careful track of her moods, and after a few months of being her butler, had a reliable chart in his own head about when to expect a certain..er..monthly occurrence. So, obviously, she was wrong.

Rihito had to be going into shock. That was the only explanation. One's lady is never wrong, merely misguided. Or, like poor Shiori-sama, insane.

Very well, Mei-sama was misguided in her belief, as Rihito knew quite certainly that Mei-sama's monthly appointment was due on the...was..due..oh dear.

Mei-sama sat back, and the instinctive action of stepping forward to help her kicked in, which was helpful, as Rihito's mind was still going in tiny panicked circles about his lack of knowledge about this and how he had failed and he should have been keeping better track and he would never forgive himself and..

"Oi!" Mei glared at him crankily, glasses askew on her face. "I just spent the last half hour puking up everything I've ever eaten because you got me pregnant, and all you can do is stare at me and offer me a towel?"

Rihito felt his face twist for a moment in sheer terror before he got himself back under control, and bowed.

"My deepest apologies, Mei-sama," he managed. "I was attempting to decide where we would put the crib, and how likely it is that your grandfather will have me murdered." He frowned to himself. Hongo-sama liked him, that much was true, and didn't particularly have grandfatherly feelings towards Mei-sama. And it was doubtful that Hongo-sama even cared who Mei-sama picked, after losing his son the way he did.

"Rihito!" Mei-sama put her hands on her hips and frowned. "He isn't allowed to kill you, and it is way too soon to be talking about cribs and decorating, and I think I need to go throw up again." She turned, and began walking rapidly towards the bathroom.

"Would you like my assistance?" Rihito offered swiftly, already a bare step behind her.

"I can puke without any help from you, thank you." Mei shut the door in his face, and Rihito had to come to an abrupt halt to keep from walking in to the door.

Well. Rihito was back under control, at least. He still wasn't sure how his internal calender on Mei-sama had gotten so sideways, but it was most likely a result of the lethally alcoholic drinks she had insisted he imbibe at her twenty third birthday party almost two months ago.

The memories were rather blurry, and at one point Mei-sama insists that he actually got onto a table and started stripping, to the delight of all the female guests, and a few of the males. Rihito, of course, knew she was joking. He would never be that undignified.

The fact he woke up half naked in Mei-sama's bed was no longer unusual, either, to Rihito's endless joy, although attempting to do his normal duties with a hang over had not been enjoyable.

Very well. Mei-sama was pregnant. She would need care. Close, careful, care. Rihito made a mental note to locate the best obstetrician in Japan, and consult him as to who the best obstetrician in the world would be. Mei-sama would also need special vitamins, extra pillows for her bed, supportive shoes, and enforced rest.

Rihito nodded resolutely to himself. He would call her grandfather immediately and tell him that Mei-sama is no longer available for her training program, and would be out for the next..hmm..two years. At least.


When Mei emerged from the bathroom, brushing her teeth vigorously, she stopped dead in her tracks.

Everywhere she looked were books, and papers, and studies.

Rihito stood in the middle of the mess, frowning in concentration at a book he held in his hand.

Amazingly, he must not have heard her come out, because it wasn't until she stepped closer and craned her neck to see the title of what he was holding, that he jumped, and whisked the book away behind his back.

"Mei-sama!" Rihito actually seemed flustered, which Mei would have enjoyed more if it weren't for the fact the floor beneath them still felt like it was moving. "You need to lie down and rest, Mei-sama." He smiled gently at her. "You have a very important job to do."

She smiled back up at him. "I'm sure I'll be fine. I have to get dressed and go in to work."

Rihito's mouth actually fell open in horror.

Mei blinked. She had never managed to get him to do that before.

"Mei-sama!" He scolded. "You are with child. This is no time to be going to work. You need rest! You need liquids! You need emotional support!"

She looked up at Rihito, who was standing very very straight and tall, and slowly turning bright red. "Are you.." she said, wonderingly, "are you nervous about this?"

Rihito was more flustered then she had seen him in a while. She had not seen him this bad since the first time they made love, and he had to decide whether to stay and appreciate her lack of shirt, or hang his jacket up properly. He opened and closed his mouth several times, and one hand even strayed up to scratch the back of his head, mussing his hair. Mei kept her mouth shut about the hair, because it was just too cute when he dropped his butler act and got all twitchy.

"I am aware that childbirth is a natural thing," he said finally. "However, this is Mei-sama's baby, and.."

"This is your baby," Mei pointed out quietly, tilting her head back to see him better.

Words again failed Rihito, and his hands tightened around the book forgotten in his grip.

Mei reached out and turned his fingers over, tugging the book out of them. "So You're Going to Be a Daddy," she read wonderingly. She looked up at him again.

The smooth butler was almost completely gone by this point, replaced by a very nervous young man. "I've never had to take care of a baby, before," he said. "I don't know anything about babies. And I don't know how to take care of Mei-sama and a baby at the same time!"

Mei felt a slow smile pull at her lips, and she reached up and pulled hard enough on Rihito's arm to tumble him down into the bed beside her. "You will be a great daddy," she said simply. "And Kento will help take care of the baby."

Rihito blinked in surprise. "Kento?"

"Who do you think I was talking to before I came home? The baby will need a butler, won't she?"

"Kento?! He can't take care of a plant! I can't trust him with Mei-sama's baby!"

Mei raised an eyebrow. "Whose baby?" she asked, "because I think I heard you say it was my baby."

Rihito squirmed. "Mei-sama! You can't expect me to let my baby brother take care of..of..of..our baby, can you?"

"Of course I do," Mei said cheerily. "And Tami-chan is going to babysit while I'm at work."




HOLY CRAP. HOLY CRAP. It's like my birthday! Only two months after my birthday! And this is TOTALLY BETTER THAN MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I don't even know what to say about this fic - it is AMAZING and PERFECT and I couldn't stop laughing because everything Rihito said and did was JUST RIGHT and aaaaaaaaaaaah I love you so, so much.

Nervous Rihito! The throwback to shirtless Mei and Rihito unsure of what to do about it! The "It's your baby" line, aaaah so good!

LOL at Rihito stripping at her birthday party! Awww at this line: The fact he woke up half naked in Mei-sama's bed was no longer unusual, either, to Rihito's endless joy! And I think this is the best line ever, because it's absolutely, completely exactly what Rihito would do:

Very well. Mei-sama was pregnant. She would need care. Close, careful, care. Rihito made a mental note to locate the best obstetrician in Japan, and consult him as to who the best obstetrician in the world would be.

And the ending! Tami with a baby! Oh, this was amazing - thank you so much for making my day. ♥
HEEEE! i dont think i ever wrote you anything for your birthday, so consider this a present! now i just need to write something Mei-chan and porny for beckerbell, and ill be all caught up!

and thank you thank you! im so glad you like it! i was going to write something SHORT and LITTLE and DRABBLY about Rihito and a baby as a treat for you two, but this is what came out.
Awesome!!!! Just after I threatened blackmail, i happen onto this post. fufufufufufu ...

I like how in-character your writing is ... go Mei-sama!

MOARRRRR, please?
hee! thank you!
Oh, this was AWESOME. Rihito off his game is the best thing ever. He's panicking and confused, and oh, god, butler school never told him about any of this! He won't know who to pamper more when the baby is born: Mei-sama or the little one (the baby would probably win, but just barely).

Loved this line to bits: "One's lady is never wrong, merely misguided. Or, like poor Shiori-sama, insane."
yay! thank you! i love having Rihito be flaily!

and thanks, i liked that line alot, too!
That's completely hilarious. Rihito lost his butler self and reverted to young inexperienced male about having a family. XDD And he has mental calendar of his mistress period! ROF LOL Can't expect less from him. ;)

I really wonder how Mei's grandfather would react. Considering he indeed like Rihito and he is all capable to help her as a heir, I don't think he will face too much difficulties in marrying her. Having a baby before they are married is, of course, another problem. I bet the less troublesome way her grandfather would take will just perform a wedding ceremony for them. LOL These butlers looked as if being prepared as their lady's husband since young age. LOL
hee! thank you!
It was so much fun reading this *gives cyber cookies*
thanks! it was very fun to write!
OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS THAT I COULD JUST... JUST... JUST EXPLODE WITH LOVE. I love that Rihito retreats into super butler mode in order to deal with the panicky feelings rising up in him and I love that Mei gently coaxes him out of that into being a real person with real nervousness again and as;dlfjkaslkj of course Rihito knows her monthly schedule and just.

This is exactly how it would go, I love your Rihito, he is spot on. Mei saying that it was his baby and the way that jolted him back onto the proper train of thought was perfect, that right there was why I love them so much.

Also, Rihito during the whole entire pregnancy is going to be full of lolz oh my god, I should be ashamed of loving this idea so ridiculously and YET I AM NOT. ♥
of COURSE Rihito retreats to super S butler when panicked! he doesnt know how else to deal! and Mei-sama is pregnant, and she needs the absolute best care, and the nursery will need to be perfect, and oh no, what if the crib sheet gets wrinkled?!

Oh, Rihito, at heart, you truly are a spaz. *loves him wildly*

you should love this idea so much, YOU SHOULD WRITE MORE. *beams innocently*

I wasn't prepared for the crack. But I loved it.
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