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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Random things ive been wanting to post

- [info]emothy has put together an AWESOME drama fic resource - DORAMA DIRECTORY - links to as many fics based on dramas as could be found. i can EASILY lose a few hours reading everything linked here.

- ladycleo2001 made a fabulous vid for my beloved Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Hopefully, she wont mind that I embed it here (and if you do, ladycleo, please let me know), but go and comment on it here

- biases wrote me a Mei-chan ficlet in my comments forever ago, and has YET to post it properly, so Im giving up and linking to it here, because it's AWESOME and needs love.

Read it HERE!

- ALSO ALSO speaking of Mei-chan, dorama_watch is taking nominations for the next thing to watch HERE, and picspams are being encouraged. I HAVE ALREADY NOMMED MEI-CHAN. What kinds of picspams would make you want to watch it? *ponders*

- and, as always, should you want to go to a place that will add to the ever growing list of asian doooooom, rainscene is here for you. she pimps ALL KINDS of dramas and movies, and your social life might never recover, but MAN, is it a fun way to go!


I'm going to be no help here by being vague; these days I have not watched much in the way of dramas, because I feel too fidgety to sit there and pay attention for even ONE episode's length. But since dorama_watch only does an episode a week I figured whatever you watch next I would try and join in XD

So all I can say for a picspam that would make me want to watch is... That it shows something interesting enough for me to pay attention? XD Or some hot boys and girls of course!
I would generally like to see more Mei-chan picspams.. :D
ANYTHING. But mostly butler hotness! :D

Rainscene is awesome by the way, I wish there as a Mei-chan pimp-post there, her way of writing is hilarious ^^
ME TOO, but sadly, she did not like it. so we have to content ourselves with my endless flailing about it.
rainscene will suck out your soul. darkeyedwolf has this WAY of describing dramas and movies that make you want to download all of them, even though you know some will scare the pants off you or will cause you to cry rivers of tears! she's MAGIC.
Found you via friends' friend page and am now friending YOU! Because you offer wonderful things like picspams and Mei-chan fics.
hee! welcome! I make no apologies for my insane amount of love for Mei-chan, and all dramas.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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