Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Book This

Hello, my people, i am BORED with every single book i own.

I need some suggestions, as I havent bought anything in forever, because we have no money, nor have i gone and sat in a bookstore for a while, because there are none near here and because we have no money.

I like fantasy, sci-fi, YA, and any combination thereof. Ive read every book set in Valdamar, Pern, Tortall (except for Bloodhound, but i havent found it yet) and Damar. Ive inhaled the Vorkosigan books, liked David Eddings older stuff, reread Jane Yolen's weird stories more times then I can count. I like fairy tale retellings, i like shippiness, i like interesting characters with a snarky bent.

Any suggestions?
Tags: help me obi won kenobi

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