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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

PICSPAM: Too Many Usagis (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)

WHY do I keep picspamming this show? Why have I just spent the past several days randomly downloading all of the extras I can find about this show? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY DIGNITY?

My shame has a convenient tag here, should you wish to see the other picspams and meta and fic (YES FIC. ORZ. There are many things wrong with me). AND, i still have so many things i want to picspam from it! Ami/Nephrite and the steer horns! Dark Mercury's transformation sequence! Jupitar's transformation sequence! HOLY TOAST HELP ME.

Otherwise, please make sure you have your transformation bracelet and hang on!

To refresh everyone's memory, this is Usagi:

This is not:

Neither is this:

Everybody caught up?

Usagi is MISSING. Probably because Princess Serenity has taken over her body again, and is wandering around the city playing the harp of infinite loneliness, or whatever.

But, Usagi's mama can't know Usagi is missing, as Usagi is actually only 14, and she adores her mama..when she isnt running away over french toast.

look, i love her, but the girl's a spaz.

Anyway, Usagi's missing, can't panic Usagi-mama, so Luna comes up with a plan.

Have Ami-chan fill in! Just long enough for Usagi-mama to find Usagi still in her bed.

Unexpectedly, Usagi-mama returns! The jig is up!

To Ami-chan's and Luna's surprise, Usagi-mama is merely shocked that her daughter is awake. Oh, and she's lost her contacts and has to go get new ones.

Ami's a little confused, but there's no way she can get out of this now, so she gets dressed and takes herself off to eat Usagi-mama's famous avocado omelets.

And Usagi's brother walks in!

His only response is to mutter about Usagi's sanity.

Mako-chan comes by to visit Usagi. I LOVE the look on her face, because you can tell she has NO IDEA what's going on, but there is no way she can ask.

Clearly, the ruse needs to continue. Mako, Ami, and Luna janken for it.

Mako, who has a good 6 inches and probably 20 pounds on Usagi, lost.

Mako isn't a very good actress, so Luna helps from the sidelines. With cue cards.

In response, Mako spazzes.

Usagi-mama decides her daughter is acting terribly out of character. She bullies Mako!Usagi into bed and forces her to rest, because she must be sick. She also decides her eyes are worse then she thought.

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Oh, man. Mako's face in that last cap!
hee! i know! isnt it awesome?

also, i came THISCLOSE to posting Dark Mercury's transformation sequence instead..but i didnt have all of Mercury's sequence, and thought it would be best to post them together.

..which would totally fit into this month's picspammy theme, wouldnt it?
Oh man, I really want to watch this show now. Where can I find it? Torrenting's best, but I don't mind streaming it if there's no other way. I MUST SEE THIS FOR MYSELF.
jdramas, for all your cracked out needs! here's the tag. You have to be a member of the comm to see the posts.

it's pure, insane, CHEESY crack. it's AWESOME.
Bizarrely, Ami nearly pulls it off in the looks department. Or is that just me...?

Mako's bugged out face = genuine win
Continue the picspammage please! Because if not, then I never would have decided to finally continue watching this. XDDDDDD (Started with the first episode like, a few years ago? XD)
After randomly stumbling across this post while Googling Usagi pics (this being an Usagi RP account), I've got to give you props. Your recap of that episode is lulzy beyond compare. ♥
hee! thank you! Usagi is hilarious on her own, but the sheer insanity of the entire show is AWESOME.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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