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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Picspam: Businessmen in Love (TW Hana Kimi)

Hana Kimi, as Ive mentioned before, is the story of a girl who dresses like a boy to go to school with her idol. Who knows she's a girl. But she doesn't know he knows. You know?

But! there are two different versions of this story! in one, there are boys in towels, boys in nothing, boys in dresses, and the whole thing is made up of complete and total crack. in the other, a girl makes tragic monkey faces, i dont know the names of half the characters, and there is the best drama boyfriend in the history of the world.

Um. that makes this sound BAD, but it ISNT, i swear. The TW version of Hana Kimi follows the manga much closer, only I didnt like the manga, so..yeah.

Regardless, Rui Xi and Quan might be one of my absolute favorite relationships in drama HISTORY. Quan is totally my boyfriend. Also, he's very hot.

So, to sum up, we have a cute girl pretending to be a boy. A hot boy who knows she's a girl. And a poorly hidden love between the two of them. And this scene is ADORABLE.

Rui Xi is thinking on the fact that sooner or later, she'll have to leave and go back to America.

Quan nods, and Rui Xi floats off into a goofy day dream.

Businessman!Quan saves Businessman!Rui Xi's butt with business math.

And wipes food off of her face IN PUBLIC.

Time jump!

Old!Rui Xi (with a MUSTACHE, and i cant help but picture her sneaking into the bathroom every morning to glue it to her face) scolds Old!Quan into taking care of himself. And then decides, you know, 50 years is long enough to wait..

She finally tells Quan the truth. She's a girl! ..And she makes hilarious faces while telling him.

Too bad he's stone deaf!


And, just because i think you might need some proof that Quan is as hot as I say he is:





Guuuh. I adoted HK twdrama (I love the manga). Not so much the jdrama which I didn't care for but twdrama is eeee!
i really disliked the manga, and only finished it for the Sano/Mizuki storyline and cuteness. otherwise, i was bored. but, i dont generally like manga, and biases and anenko pushed the twdrama upon me, so i endured.

the Quan/Rui Xi relationship might be one of my favorite drama relationships, and Quan is TOTALLY my boyfriend. he loves her so much, and isnt an idiot about it, and i kinda flail over it alot.

otherwise, i fast forwarded a good bit. anything with the doctor got an automatic pass. he bored me to TEARS.
I liked Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (tw-Hana Kimi) so much more than jdrama Hana Kimi. Partly because I love Ella, but mostly because Quan is SO MUCH BETTER than Sano. I'm glad I watched jdrama Hana Kimi first, because Wu Zun ruined the Sano character forever for me.

Also, Wu Zun is teh hotness (though oddly not my favorite member of Fahrenheit...)

Edit: Should probably spell check my Mandarin before posting so I don't look like an idiot...

Edited at 2009-05-05 02:48 am (UTC)
i love the jdrama SO MUCH, with the crack and the relationships between all of the characters. but yes, twhk's Quan and Rui Xi leave Sano and Mizuki in the DUST.

but then..there is the whole "assault" storyline, straight from the manga, and it SKEEVES ME OUT SO MUCH. and then there is the doctor who BORES ME TO TEARS.

mmmmmm WU ZUN.
HEE! i have the hot springs scene and the high jumping scene already capped, too, so expect more.

and ive seen She's the Man, but unfortunately, i LOATHE Amanda Bynes' acting. parts of it were funny, and yes, she makes ridiculous faces, but she makes me insane.
she just..makes me twitch. i dont hate HER, i just really dislike her acting. it makes me insane.

Oh, Quan. Oh, Quan's arms.

Oh, Quan's everything.
hehehe. I ADORE the jdrama to a deathly and frightening extent given what CRACK it is(boys in random towels! Shun doing Greek-god all over the place! Mizuki being cutely obsessive!). I haven't seen the twdrama partly cause I'm afraid the jdrama ruined it for me and partly because I watched 1 ep before the jdrama and was bored to tears.
the first ep bored me to tears, too, but i had friends egging me on, so i pushed through. it gets better after ep 1, but the love i have for the show AS A WHOLE doesnt come anywhere near my love for the jdrama.

the jdrama has characters i LOVE and ADORE and actually, you know, know the names of.

but, the tw drama has QUAN. and im sorry, but as much as I love Sano, Quan leaves him IN THE DUST. he adores Rui Xi, and his wandering around half naked is teasing her. he carasses her face! he saves her whenever she needs saving! Rui Xi is a total dork, but she's AWESOME. her faces, her immediate defense of Quan whenever anyone says anything about his not jumping..

i have a whole tag, if you really want to hear me babble about it.

..the rest of the drama that wasnt Quan and Rui Xi, i fast forwarded through. i will admit it.
I never had a desire to see the twdrama one but Wu Zun is so pretty I had a fun time looking at your caps!
Really, Wu Zun being pretty and the world's best boyfriend is why i got through the whole thing.
And she makes hilarious faces while telling him.
Rui Xi (and, honestly, Ella in RL) makes hilarious faces doing pretty much everything. XD

I adore the manga so this is actually my preferred drama version, but I think they're both great -- the jdrama does its own thing & is hilarious and crackilicious doing it, but I'm glad there is a more faithful adaptation out there for obsessive fans like me.
...omg. YOUR ICON. *dies*

i prefer the jdrama overall, but the tw version has the better love story. mmmm, QUAN.

and Ella! oh ELLA. I LOVE YOU ELLA.

i just bumped into this blog post
and was wondering where if you knew where I could download this TW hana kimi with the subtitles > <

ty so much > < i really wanna watch this.. (cuz wu zun is so hot)
i BELIEVE i downloaded mine from veoh.com, but the best place to get any dramas subbed is usually jdramas. here's the tw hk tag.

you'll need to join the comm to see the posts.


ooohh, I guess I didn't look thoroughly enough on jdramas.

I <3 them, don't know what I would do without all their uploads

thanks so much for the reply !!! ^^
i like it. it follows the manga almost entirely, which the jdrama doesnt even try to do. Quan (Sano) and Rui Xi (Mizuki) have an amazing relationship - and Quan is AMAZING. he loves her, and he wanders around half dressed, teasing her and touching her face.

that said, i DONT like most manga, and i didnt like many of the storylines in the manga, so..parts of tw i dont like.

i can tell you so many chaaracter names from the jdrama, but i could barely tell you two character names from the tw version. the doctor storylines bore me TO TEARS.

so, there is good and bad there, really. but i fast forwarded through any part that bored me, and tried not to burn down my house in rage when there is a "sexual assault" storyline. if you want to read the rest of my ramblings on it, my tw hk tag.

I adored this little daydream, Rui Xi had the best fantasies. My fantasies about Quan would be very very different.

I am very thankful that Wu Zun went into showbusiness and shared his beauty with the world - I could stare at that last pic FOREVER.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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