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Love Shuffle ep 4!

More crossposting - here's what i wrote in dorama_watch about episode 4.


I liked the more serious bent of this week, but i miss the crazy stuff. I didnt liveblog this one, so this is going to be horrifically out of order, but hey!

i really liked the pairings this week.

Kairi pushes Ojiro's buttons just by being herself - she doesnt react or get emotional in any way to his probing questions, and you could feel his frustration as he pulled out wilder and wilder things that were obviously untrue. i loved her reaction after he pulls her out of the water - i think, besides the sad panda, this is the only time we've seen any real emotion from her. and Ojiro likes her! i was wondering if they would sleep together, but i wasnt expecting the invitation to come from her. yes, he said it, but then he walked away. and his face when she called him back was amazing. a little bit of awe and uncertainty. mmmm. yes.

Yukichi and Kei continue to be complete DORKS together, and i love them for that. although the Tara-chans cell phone straps are extremely ugly. AND THEY HAVE A GPS IN THEM AAAAHHH.

I liked the girl bonding this episode - Kairi asking to feel Reiko's boobs was great, and her smile and careless agreement to it. And Mei and Airu might actually become friends, which would be a nice change. i do find it interesting how both Mei and Airu care about their ex-boys, even if they cant be with them the way the guys wish. Mei called for Kei when they were taken, which told me alot. and even though he was wrong, and read the situation backward, Kei busting the windows with the broom and giving that awesome speech really made me happy. because Kei with confidence and shining is a WONDERFUL thing. plus, HOT. the sheer determination on his face when the time for the fight had come was lovely, and Ai-ai was there to see. and to doctor him up afterward.

Ai-ai and Kei still seem to be the best "fit" in my head. He's willing to be himself with her, and tells her things he wouldn't tell Mei or any of the others. the whole little conversation where they acted out him being a pervert on a train was really cute to me. the piggyback ride race was ADORABLE. they looked very comfortable together, and i saw enough of the preview for next ep that im very curious as to what will come next..although, im being good and not going on the ep 5. mainly because im tired.

the doc and Reiko i actually found interesting this round. she was pushing his buttons, and i liked seeing him rattled. i wonder who the resemblance is to? ...i wonder if they're female...i still find him rather creepy, to tell the truth. and im right there with Reiko with thinking that he's set this week's couples up very deliberately.

im interested to watch the next ep! are they going back to the "original" couples for this next round? is it supposed to be the last round, or are they going to go around again?
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