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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Love Shuffle ep 3

trying out my new dreamwidth account and the crossposting coolness..(btw alianora on dreamwidth. no clue what im doing, but hey! ps. what the hell am i supposed to do with only SIX ICONS?!)

i watched half the ep last night and had half a live blog written up, but then i managed to delete it by accident, so we're going off of things i remember.

I think i must be the only one who it's bothering how much they tease Kei. it's one thing to tease him, but leaving him in the garage without a ride just seemed MEAN.

and, i think im the only one who really liked Mei this ep. I mean, i think she had zero chemistry with O-chan..which is strange, because O-chan has chemistry with AIR, but he's the one who backed down from asking her questions during their photoshoot, and girl knew just what he was trying to do, straightened herself up and told him to keep going. she's still not my favorite, but she's got some strength under there. and i do understand her confused logic about her and Kei and their relationship. sometimes you just get to a point where you KNOW. she tried breaking up with him, but that didnt work, so now she's going to try making him hate her, or think lower of her.

And OJIRO, going along with it, because he understands, too. I love him so much, and GOD, he is insanely gorgeous.

I honestly through the only couple this week that had any chemistry whatsoever was Ai-ai and Riku. But, again, Im fairly sure Ai-ai has chemistry with AIR and ROCKS and TREES.

i love her insight. she picks up on things very quickly.

i do think the angsty backstory makes creepy doctor man a little more human and less likely to give an evil laugh and manipulate the Love Shuffle for his own twisted gains. NOT THAT IVE GIVEN UP THAT THEORY.

Kei taking Kairi to the amusement park was toooo cute. the cap of her on the carousel is gorgeous. and i love her just wandering around with the balloon. Of course, she didnt find him interesting at all until he said he wanted to die, too.

And the panda! the instant he saw how much she wanted it..and that she called him "boring," he immediately emptied his pockets for it. and he called Ai-ai to loan him money! hee!

i did like that Ai-ai immediately threw herself into trying to help Rikikun(is that right?) get over his dead girlfriend by offering herself. i love how passionate she gets about things. and yes, i DID notice his line to her about waiting for her other half..and then Kei called. *heart*

Kairi SMILED over the panda. SMILED.

Mei kissing O-chan startled him so much. it was fairly awesome, except for all the ways it wasnt - you know, it was a jdrama kiss. CANT LET ANYONE LOOK LIKE THEY'RE HAVING FUN. which is probably why i cackled and bounced so much when Ojiro kissed Kei. KEI PUCKERED. he did! *glee*

and Ai-ai and Kei bowing down and apologizing to Ojiro, and him being a total bitch about it? AWESOME! "ow, it still hurts!" and their reactions also filled me with glee. the more i watch it, the more i remain convinced that THREESOME is the way to go, here!

i, too, felt the sad lack of ABBA in this episode. DANCING QUEEN, COME BACK TO US!

ps. im with [info]anenko. where the hell are the icons?



*weeps* I was singing Dancing Queen at work because of Love Shuffle.

I don't *dis*like Mei. She can be pretty awesome; her friendship with Ai-ai, for instance. It's just Mei and Kei together that drives me up the wall. *Talk* to one another, for the love of god! It's not *that* hard!

Total agreement on everything you said.
her friendship with Ai-ai, for instance

i was so glad to see some girl bonding! we've had Tara-chans bonding, and i was about to get a little cranky about the lack of girls hanging out, and FINALLY they deliver!

and yes, Mei and Kei together is one of those horrible trainwrecks where you want to hit them both.

I was singing Dancing Queen at work

I love Love Shuffle. It really was one of the best (and sadly least watched) shows of last season. I think my favorites were indeed Ojiro and Kairi.

less likely to give an evil laugh and manipulate the Love Shuffle for his own twisted gains. NOT THAT IVE GIVEN UP THAT THEORY.

Mmm. . .yeah, you keep that theory.

There are some icons out there. I made some a while back, and I've seen a few here and there.
Ojiro is STUPID hot, and i really loved how he backed Mei up, and is interested in forcing people to own up to things..while he's behind the camera, avoiding it all. im very interested to see where they will go with his character.

Kairi interests me because i want to see her open up.

the two of them together interest me because im shallow and they are pretty, and i cant see anyone else getting through to either of them.

..and im totally shipping Kei/Airu. but i also shop O-chan/Airu. actually, really, i ship the THREESOME aspect of things. I WANT IT.

yeah, you keep that theory.

reeeeaaally? hmmm. whatever could the strange doctor be doing? *ponders*
The doctor is, well, I don't want to give it away, but he's not evil. Selfish, maybe. Plotting, maybe. But, he won't grow a black 'stache and start laughing creepily anytime soon.
tis a dorama. 4 people live on the same floor of the apartment building and get stuck in the elevator together. all of them are having relationship trouble, so they decide (with their partner consent) to "love shuffle." they shuffle the relationships and try dating the other people in the group.

it's AWESOME. and Eternal Flame by the Bangles is the insert song, and they sing ABBA's Dancing Queen alot.

if you want to see some caps, check out folderdropping.
wow! you watched it FAST. but im watching it with people at dorama_watch, and we're doing 2 eps a week of this, and 1 ep a week of Nodame Cantabile. Which is also awesome, if you havent seen it. it also has Tamaki Hiroshi (Kei in Love Shuffle), but as Chiaki, he is HOT.
it is CRACK. complete crack. but it is AWESOME crack.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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