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COFFEEPRINCE:  Hold Me Forever

Picspammy: Wake Me With a Song (Coffee Prince)

This is such a lovely scene from Coffee Prince where Han Kyul calls to wake up Eun Chan. Im even going to be posting it without my normal smart ass commentary!

And the whole scene, because you need to see it:


the rolling around on the ground - he just falls over sideways, and KEEPS SINGING. *loves wildly*

see..that doesnt make me want to go and watch it. i like my girls with attitude.

(BTW, do you want a Dreamwidth invite?)

Sure! i keep seeing people talk about it, but i knew you had to have an invite. If you've got an extra, Ill take it gladly! Thanks!
Do you want the invite sent to your gmail address?

i like my girls with attitude.

Bori was pretty cool early on, and I *loved* that she had good female friends. There's a scene in episode five(?) where she and her girlfriends band together to save a couple of her students from a band of thugs. And then, we never saw her friends again :(

yes, please! gmail is the only account i use regularly.

i remember that you liked the beginning, but then i dont remember what you said after that. it makes me sad that she lost her badass edge. and her friends..where do they all randomly GO?
One DW invite, heading your way!

. . . I never posted my reaction to the end of the series, because I felt bad for falling out of love with it. As much as I liked Tae In, I went into the series looking for a strong woman. Her romantic angst wasn't even balanced by a real passion for teaching--Bori wanted to become a teacher so that she could be closer to her first love.

Just. No.

(But! Tae In is *adorable.* I feel HMT would be better if I could chop it down to the cute Tae In/Bori moments).

and her friends..where do they all randomly GO?

Maybe they didn't know what to do with all that crying, and decided to lay low until Bori returned to normal? *g*
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