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COFFEEPRINCE:  Hold Me Forever

Picspammy: Wake Me With a Song (Coffee Prince)

This is such a lovely scene from Coffee Prince where Han Kyul calls to wake up Eun Chan. Im even going to be posting it without my normal smart ass commentary!

And the whole scene, because you need to see it:


This is possibly my favorite scene in anything, ever. I still get pretty weepy and girly thinking about it. Oh Gong Yoo, you can wake me up by singing to me ANYTIME.

Interesting fact; this is, by far, the most romantic thing I've ever seen in a drama. The second most romantic also comes care of Gong Yoo (via Hello my Teacher).
OH MY TOAST IT'S WONDERFUL. I want to woken up by Gong Yoo singing to me and being a giant smiley adorkable boy! *hearts*

i havent yet seen Hello My Teacher. Worth it?
I personally LOVED Hello My Teacher, but not everyone did. It's basically like Gokusen, except with canon romance. And Gong Yoo. How could I have possibly not loved it?

1. probably the sappiest song OF ALL TIME, omg Han Kyul, you big marshmallow!

Awesome scene; awesome picspam! <3
2. YES. If i cannot have him in tight pants, pajamas are also on the approved list!

thank you!
THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE SCENE IN THE UNIVERSE. Oh God, I have this huge, dopey grin on my face just looking at the caps. What I wouldn't give to have Gong Yoo jumping around, singing me good morning.

I need a rewatch of this ASAP. ♥

i, too, desire Gong Yoo to wake me up by singing sappy songs to me with that beautiful smile. *dies*

ill be getting to a rewatch fairly soon, i think.
I have so much love for Coffee Prince, and this is probably one of the best scenes post-episode 12. Nothing can beat the picking-up-chestnuts scene.
oh, the chestnuts are also awesome! the trail to each other!

but this? this just makes me melt into a puddle of goo.

i have the love scene capped and uploaded to photobucket, too, but i ran out of time to get it to picspammy.
I love how he's rolling around on the floor in glee. So. Cute.

And butting in on someone else's comment:

i havent yet seen Hello My Teacher. Worth it?

I alternatively loved and hated Hello, My Teacher. Gong Yoo's character grows from a jerk to a romantic woobie, but I liked the heroine less and less as the series progressed. She starts off as a legendary delinquent and ends up. . . crying every episode.

(BTW, do you want a Dreamwidth invite?)
the rolling around on the ground - he just falls over sideways, and KEEPS SINGING. *loves wildly*

see..that doesnt make me want to go and watch it. i like my girls with attitude.

(BTW, do you want a Dreamwidth invite?)

Sure! i keep seeing people talk about it, but i knew you had to have an invite. If you've got an extra, Ill take it gladly! Thanks!
Do you want the invite sent to your gmail address?

i like my girls with attitude.

Bori was pretty cool early on, and I *loved* that she had good female friends. There's a scene in episode five(?) where she and her girlfriends band together to save a couple of her students from a band of thugs. And then, we never saw her friends again :(

yes, please! gmail is the only account i use regularly.

i remember that you liked the beginning, but then i dont remember what you said after that. it makes me sad that she lost her badass edge. and her friends..where do they all randomly GO?
One DW invite, heading your way!

. . . I never posted my reaction to the end of the series, because I felt bad for falling out of love with it. As much as I liked Tae In, I went into the series looking for a strong woman. Her romantic angst wasn't even balanced by a real passion for teaching--Bori wanted to become a teacher so that she could be closer to her first love.

Just. No.

(But! Tae In is *adorable.* I feel HMT would be better if I could chop it down to the cute Tae In/Bori moments).

and her friends..where do they all randomly GO?

Maybe they didn't know what to do with all that crying, and decided to lay low until Bori returned to normal? *g*
And now I'm going to but into your comment...

THANK YOU. Everywhere I have seen Hello My Teacher talked about people have loved it universally, and I just... didn't. And that's putting it very nicely.

I too had high hopes for it in the beginning, I saw it as a Gokusen where I would finally get the ending I wanted. Instead I absolutely HATED Bori by the end of it, and that is not the way you should feel about the heroine.
I started HMT because it was supposed to have a vibe similiar to Gokusen, which. . . not so much :(

I feel a bit bad for disliking HMT, because I really *was* happy with it at the beginning. Bori takes down a group of bullies! Bori smacks Tae In around when he grabs her during his escape! And then we got into Bori's wishy-washy relationship with her first love.

I'm not sure how Bori ended up earning all of Tae In's devotion, considering that most of their time together was spent with him consoling Bori over her relationship with Tae In's *uncle.*

I absolutely HATED Bori by the end of it


I did like the last episode, although by that point I was just happy for Tae In--quite a change from the first episode, where I wanted to strangle the brat. *g*


Awesome caps. :D I'm really interested in watching this series, but I have no idea where I could find it. Any advice? And is it finished or ongoing?
yep! it is completed, and completely subbed. you can find it on jdramas, which you need to have an lj to join so you can see the posts. the other place to check is silent regrets.

if you cant find it either place, let me know. i have some other places to suggest.


Glad to hear it, it's always more fun watching something completed than getting hooked and being forced to wait for more halfway through. ^_^

No LJ account, sadly, and while I've found it at Silent Regrets, my computer has never liked me downloading any sort of videos. So before I try it here, do you have any others where I can just watch online? If not I'll try Silent Regrets.

Thanks a lot!
hmm, there are some streaming sites, yes. viikii.net and mysoju.com are the two that spring to mind. i prefer to download, so my knowledge of streaming sites is a little limited. dramabeans.com, i think, might be another one.

i would think all three would have Coffee Prince. dramabeans is focused on kdramas, i think, so it's almost guaranteed to have it, and mysoju has tons of stuff. im not as familiar with viikii.
Awwww, such a sweet scene. I finished the series (for the first time) this Friday and I'm completely in love with it.

Great picspam.
isnt it an amazing series? this is one of the sweetest scenes ive seen in any show ever.
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