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MEI-CHAN: Finally Awake

Picspammy: A Fist Fight Between Brothers (Mei-chan no Shitsuji)

Mei-chan no Shitsuji! I love this drama! This was done by the same people who brought us Hana Kimi, so you should brace yourself for a fair amount of crack.

Starting with the concept.

A poor girl's parents die. She finds out she's really the long lost heir to some huge company, and she gets transferred to a school where every girl has to have a butler.

No, really.

Her butler is his hotness, Rihito. The butler every girl drools over.

Spoilers for all episodes through ep 8.

Mei has recently left the school, and Rihito, her butler, who is in love with her, did not stop her or go to get her after she left.

Kento, who also loves Mei, and is Rihito's baby brother, thinks his brother is a moron. He decides he needs to wake his stupid brother up. By hitting him in the face repeatedly.

This is one of my favorite fist fight scenes EVER. I capped as much as I could, but some caps were too blurry for picspamming. I did the best I could!

Face off!

Kento calls his brother a wuss.

Rihito doesnt deny it, and drags himself back to his feet after being knocked down.

Rihito just..takes it. For two punches and two knock downs. He doesnt fight back, doesnt speak, doesn't even dodge a punch.

The third punch, and something is different for Rihito.

and then the Spanish guitar kicks in. No, i am not EVEN joking.

Rihito drags himself to his feet. (I have many many caps of this particular scene. Many of them of his shiny shiny pants. I decided they weren't applicable to the plot, so they aren't here)

Things become a bit more evenly matched. If by 'evenly,' you mean, 'Kento doesn't have a chance in hell.'

Half of the school is there by now. Two of the girls tried to intervene, but were stopped by their butlers.

Rihito gets serious about things by losing the jacket.

They throw each other around and trade punches in earnest, neither realizing Mei is there and is watching the whole thing.

Kento gets one last good punch in on his brother...

And then falls. Rihito catches him.

Kento moans. "I can't lose to you."
Rihito pats his brother on the back, and says the first thing he's said in this scene. "Same here."
Kento is taken aback, because his brother actually ADMITTED it.

The other butlers rush to Kento's side to make sure he isn't dead.

Rihito turns. And sees Mei.

Rihito apologizes for his appearance...


"I am sorry I did not come and get you... I am Mei-sama's butler."

I flap my hands, because he is BLOODY and TEARY and BEAUTIFUL, and i can't handle it!

'FUCK,' thinks Kento.


EEEEIIIHHHH!! yes you do! it's awesome!
YAY! im planning to continue spamming from other shows, too..i have a Coffee Prince spam Im hoping to have up tonight, and probably another Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon spam, too. *dances* im having WAY too much fun, and knowing that im dragging new people down into different dramas just makes things so much better!
That last picture made me ROFL.

But before you explained that it was the school watching the fight, I was like, "WTF ARE THESE PEOPLE RANDOMLY STANDING HERE?!"


Great picspam. D: How much do I want to watch Japanese dramas? D:
you want to watch Japanese dramas SO MUCH. and i have LINKS! *beams innocently* I can give them to you!

and yes, they are just randomly standing around watching the fight. the other butlers are stopping anyone else from interfering, because 'sometimes men just need to fight.'

it's awesome.

thank you!
AWESOME. Oh Mei-chan, so cracky and melodramatic! <3<3
I love it so!

thank you!
FUCK YES. NEED TO WATCH (after my dissertation which is due tomorrow..).
YES YOU DO! Who needs dissertations? *scoff*

hope you finished it, and are cheerfully drowning yourself in dramas!
I have watched the first 3 episodes now.. :D

By the way, I have friended you because I just love your dorama reports and stuff. ^^
*basks in the love for Mei-chan no Shitsuji*
HO HO HO HO HO ... more converts ...

and i kid you not ... Mizushima Hiro is even hotter in Kamen Rider Kabuto ... i cannot believe that i am watching a tokusatsu series just for the hottie ... someone save me!!!!!
i am SO TEMPTED to watch that, but i resist! with everything i have!
I think FUCK sums that up about perfectly.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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