Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

One More Time

Things I have already capped and are waiting to be posted in another installment of OH MY GOD QUIT PICSPAMMING WITH DRAMAS ALIA*.

-Coffee Prince: the love scene (why has no one done this?! WHY? i really dont think this one should be left up to me!! anenko, save me! spam it!)
-Coffee Prince: wake up to a song
-Hana Kimi TW: Quan jumps
-Hana Kimi TW: businessmen in love
-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Nephrite is all too human (and totally needs steer horns)
-Mei-chan no Shitsuji: the best plot advancing fist fight in the history of the world

Things I'd still like to spam:

-Devil Beside You: Mike He's shower exhibition
-Hana Yori Dango: Makino punches things. And a bear.
-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Nephrite is all too human (and totally needs steer horns) - halfway capped

i get so distracted while im capping. ill cap the scene i want, but ill also end up with endless caps of Quan's lovely neck, or Han Kyul grinning from ear to ear with goofy hair, or unfortunately I end up with horrible caps of Ella's monkey faces. or many caps of Rihito's FACE when he's on his knees in front of Mei and he's teary and bloody and BEAUTIFUL. i just..can't help it.

i hope you are enjoying the spam, or at least dont feel like killing me yet..i think some of you HAVE to like it. Ive gotten friended by 8 or so new people within the last week and a half! Um..welcome aboard? Don't let the giant man eating plant in the corner scare you? or eat your shoes? um..hi?

*side note: how long do you think it will take before picspammy HATES ME?

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