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Picspammy: Unmasking Tuxedo Kamen (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)

I wont repeat what I've already said about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, except that I adore it in all of it's very silly amazingness.

So, to catch up everyone who doesn't know, Usagi, a fourteen year old spaz, is secretly Sailor Moon! She keeps having bizarre encounters with a hot man in a ridiculous get up who calls himself Tuxedo Kamen.


Usagi hears that the building Mamoru is in is under attack by a youma. She, at this point in the series, has already admitted to herself that she is totally gone on Mamoru. She's told Tuxedo Kamen that there was someone she would really love to give chocolates to on Valentine's Day, but he only speaks Dense Boy, and it goes right over his head.

Anyway, Mamoru is in danger! Sailor Moon goes rushing off to save him! Instead, she saves Tuxedo Kamen from being blasted to bits by Kunzite.

Unfortunately, she's hurt during the rescue. But when Tuxedo Kamen comes over to help her up, all she can ask about is Mamoru.

He's a little startled.

Especially when she forces herself to her feet and staggers up the stairs, intent on finding Mamoru. He follows her. The look on his face is somewhere between What the Hell and Fuck, WHAT?

She falls down the next set of stairs, and he grabs her and tells her not to be such an idiot.

Something clicks in her brain and you see a light bulb come on.

FLASHBACK TO EARLIER IN THE EPISODE! Usagi walked against the light while trying to avoid Mamoru. He grabs her out of the line of traffic.

The next scene goes very slowly. She reaches. He has plenty of time to move away, but he doesn't. Just watches it all happen. His face as she lowers his mask kills me a little.

Shocked silence from both sides ensue.

Usagi/Sailor Moon suddenly remembers that she just confessed her love for Mamoru to Tuxedo Kamen..who is Mamoru. She attempts to flee in embarrassment.

Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen stops her, and fumbles over his words for a minute, before swishing off in a quiet panic. (HE SWISHES. HILARIOUS.)

"I also?" Usagi wonders. However, there is hope in this world. Usagi speaks Dense Boy! It's the closest thing to a confession she gets in the whole series plus special, so embrace it.
Tags: hey baby wanna destroy the earth?, picspammy, sailor moon

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