Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Turn the Lights Off, Carry Me Home

Hi! Today has SUCKED! I got stuck in a meeting down at the county office, and then spent 20 minutes on the phone with a guy at the alternative licensing center trying to figure out why my HR department told me to call him, because HE certainly had no idea!

And yet? HE WAS THE MOST HELPFUL PERSON I HAVE TALKED TO TODAY. he was lovely! i explained the whole situation - i didnt get my teacher's license until MARCH, because the licensing people kept requesting more and more paperwork from us, and refused to believe that i REALLY DIDNT NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER DAMN PRAXIS TEST FOR THE LOVE OF TOAST, so in MARCH, licensing sends me my cleared SpEd license, and a provisional license in preK.

i need two classes - a total of six hours, to clear my provisional license. Ive known this since Jan 15.

here's where it get's tricky.

registration for all classes in ANY college/university IN ANY PART OF NC closed on Jan 15.

the licensure department insists that i have to take all six hours before the start of the 2009 school year.

only one of the classes i need is offered during the summer! GEE THAT'S HELPFUL!

So, per the reccomendation of the lovely man at the alternative licensing center, i just spent the last four hours online combing through FIFTEEN DIFFERENT COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY class offerings for the summer, looking for any class that MIGHT could be considered to be the class I need.

he told me to email me, and he would get me permission to count it as the class i needed.


and it only MIGHT work. i have my fingers crossed. or else, i am so not kidding about raising llamas. im going to move in with alitria, and we'll raise llamas that spit acid to sell as perimeter guards.

..she didn't know that until she read it here, BUT IT'S TOTALLY A PLAN.

Anyway, enough bitching. You know what sounds like fun? Besides the fact that Free Cone Day was at Ben and Jerry's today, and Free Cone Day is always a DAMN GOOD DAY.

what sounds like fun to me is dorama_watch, which involves watching dramas actually WITH OTHER PEOPLE. like, on Tuesdays, we're going to watch Nodame Cantibile! On Sundays and Thursdays, we're going to watch Love Shuffle! And then? WE WILL SQUEE. TOGETHER. LIKE IT SHOULD BE. Suggestions for the next two shows havent been opened yet, but we're starting the fun on Thursday.

come and play, because if this stupid thing with school doesnt work out, im going to drown myself in dramas, and ill need some people there to keep me sane.

..well, as sane as i get anyway.
Tags: my capslock for asia, teacher fail

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