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Blink Twice if You're Fine

We're on a brief picspam hiatus at the moment, due to the fact ive been in GA and away from most of my discs and dramas and episodes and movies and the disturbingly large list i have of things to watch. BUT! I will be back in NC tomorrow, and will commence annoying you with such things as:

-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Nephrite - All Too Human
-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Losing the mask
-Full House the kdrama: 3 attempted proposals
-Hana Yori Dango: Makino punches things. And Dorkface. And a bear.
-Proposal Daisakusen: Manga cafes or pushing taxis


I might also do some Roswell picspam, because ive only seen one Candy focused picspam so far. everything else has been Max/Liz, and that doesn't fly for me.

Anyway! While i was in GA, i managed to make my kid some felt food for the kitchen he is getting for his birthday (WHICH IS ON THE 23rd, HOLY CRAP VOLDEMORT IS TURNING TWO. BRACE YOURSELVES), as well as actually finishing watching Proposal Daisakusen, which ive only been watching at a snail's pace for the past several MONTHS. and probably the only thing that prompted me to actually finish it, and push past the fear of Kenzo making a complete idiot out of himself was the fact I currently have a crush on Yamapi.

..a tiny crush. teeny. it's miniscule. It's not like Ive bothered my friends into sending me NewS mp3s, or that's ive downloaded four different live versions of Daite Senorita or anything...*cough*

Really, it's nothing. It has nothing to do with Pi's hips, or his emo hair, or HIS HIPS, or anything.

Regardless of my issues, ProDai is a little slow to get started - it's not boring, but it draws you in. It's...gentle, is how literarylemming put it, and we'll go with that.

the fact that it involves a fairy and time travel is an added bonus to the Yamapi cake, but it is honestly very good. I enjoyed it tremendously, even though i had to take breaks sometimes - mainly due to my (never fully realized) fear that Kenzo was going to embarrass himself RIGHT THERE ON SCREEN IN FRONT OF ME, and i'd never be able to look him in the face again.

...or something.

I was very hesitant going in, because it is about a guy going back in time to stop the girl he loves from marrying someone else. that..squicked me. but they handle it so's always little things he does, making her smile at this time, wanting to be the first one to wish her happy's not creepy.

and it's very heartfelt and moving and i totally cried through the entire episode eight. I COULDNT HELP IT. HE WAS SO SAD AND WITHDRAWN AND HE LOVES HER SO.

So..a vid might be in the making. maybe. i have new software, and i have to learn how to use it. a learning experience! that's what it is!

Other then that, I started watching Love Shuffle tonight, and wow, am i going to love this show! it isnt enough that it has Tamaki and Shota in it, NOOOOO, it has to be FUNNY and CLEVER and then throw in a little HALF NAKED SHOTA and DRIPPING WET IN A WHITE BUTTON DOWN TAMAKI. mmmmmmmmm. seriously, it looks insanely fun, and im shipping everyone with everyone regardless of gender. Maybe it will end in a big orgy!

other then that, i might not have a job next year because teaching is screwing me over YET AGAIN! this time, it's because they gave me until June 2009 to complete 6 hours of course work. Which would be fine, only ONE of the classes i need isnt available in the summer, and OH YEAH, they didnt tell me which ones i needed until Jan 14. Which, again, would be fine, but the 14th was the cut off for SPRING semester. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THESE CLASSES HELLO? the head of HR called me. she told me i could always reapply next year to get a pure sped job. wow! that's just what i've always wanted! a reason to go back on prozac!

Fuck it. I'm raising llamas.
Tags: i watch dramas for the plot, japan broke my capslock, tamaki hiroshi is sex on toast, teacher fail, yamapi is ridiculously attractive

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