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PGSM: Unmasked

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Serenity's First Fight and Usagi's Last Stand

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, as anenko said in her picspam, is pure cheese wrapped around bad special effects and hilarious battle scenes. And it will end up breaking your heart.

You get two picspams for the price of one, here, because, in my own head, they are connected. The first is echoed in the second. The first makes me cheer like a lunatic, and the second leaves me in tears.

...anenko and biases are laughing their asses off at me right now. I can feel it.

Spoilers for major plot points for the second half of the series and includes a ridiculous amount of caps.

Beryl wants Usagi's man. Bad.

Bad enough that she threatens her own men, who were Mamoru's generals in their past lives. She's going to make them stab themselves if Mamoru/Endymion doesn't come to her of his own choice.

Usagi is understandably distressed, but Mamoru doesn't see any other options to keep his guys from eviserating themselves, so he forces himself forward.

Right before Beryl gets her long nasty fingernails on Mamoru, Usagi..kind of snaps.

Her head goes down, her voice drops, and she declares, "You will not touch him." Seeing as Usagi, as awesome as she is, is generally rather silly and upbeat and more prone to flailing over things like this, people are a little shocked by this.

Especially Mamoru.

Usagi is overtaken by the spirit of her past life, Princess Serenity, and Serenity REALLY has a problem with people touching her man.

Serenity starts striding towards Beryl and Mamoru, intent on reclaiming what's hers. Beryl starts attacking with flames and balls of death and stuff like that.

Serenity grabs a sword OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE, catches Beryl's attacks with the sword, and negligently flings them to the ground. Huge explosions all around her as she continues relentlessly forward, looking PISSED.

Clearly, the lesson we should be learning here is DON'T FUCK WITH SERENITY'S MAN.

Beryl orders Mamoru to stop Serenity, and she gives him incentive..

She forces Nephrite to kill himself.

The Sailor Soldiers and Mamoru are shocked and horrified. Serenity DOESNT EVEN NOTICE.

Unwilling to see anyone else die, and probably kind of freaked out by Serenity, Mamoru stops her the only way he can. By bringing Usagi back to herself.

"I'm definitely coming back," he tells her. Then he disappears into Beryl's creepy fingernails clutches.

He does come back. He was right about that. Unfortunately, due to his desire to save the planet by taking an entire force of planetary destruction inside himself, he comes back COMPLETELY EVIL.

Wearing black and killing evil girls without a second's pause, Dark!Mamoru is BAD NEWS.

Usagi can't heal him. The Sailor Soldiers don't have a chance against him.

There is only one way to stop him.

Remember Serenity's kick ass explosion flinging stride across this same ground? Yeah, THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THAT.

Usagi is staggering forward, sobbing, dragging the sword behind her on the ground as Dark!Mamoru throws explosions at her. Her friends are screaming at her to stop, not to do it, because there is no way she can do this and not break.

She wins, but her friends are right. She couldn't do it and not break.


Do you remember what episode the flower scene took place in? (I'm a bad fan in general--I don't know how everyone else remembers those sorts of details!)

i dont, and it's one that's on disc, not on my hard drive, and im entirely too lazy to buzz through the unsorted discs in my dvd case to try and find the discs and then have to do to all the trouble of OPENING MY DVD PLAYER and hitting PLAY.

...laziness generally wins out for me. if it was on my hd, i'd go through them real quick, but it isnt.

im thinking of just capping all the scenes of Nephrite being human. that would cover all of my issues.

dude, we SO need more days in this month! also, we'll need to do a round up post at brokemycaps pretty soon.

..i should probably get around to posting that Mei-chan ficlety thing i wrote for you.
all the trouble of OPENING MY DVD PLAYER and hitting PLAY.

Why hello there, THAT sounds familiar. And then you have to FAST FORWARD, and omg, how much WORK does one picspam call for?

(I might go through dangermousie's Full House posts; I'm almost certain she talked about the flower scene).

More Nephrite can be nothing but good.

And yes to the Mei-chan fic! There's so few fics in the fandom that I'm sure yours will be appreciated.

(I set up a page for Hanadan at Fanlore, but I'm not especially *involved* in the fandom. What sort of fannish info would you include for the jdrama?)
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