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Hana Yori Dango Returns: The Prom That Sort of Wasn't

This is absolutely one of my favorite scenes in both seasons of Hana Yori Dango and the Final movie. HANDS DOWN.

Domyouji left Makino with her family with a very fancy dress to wear to meet him at prom after graduation. On her way, she gets stuck in the mud, runs out of gas, and encounters general mayhem that really wrecks the plan to go to prom.

Hey, seeing as she caught his attention by punching him, I don't think missing prom is going to ruin their relationship at this point.

Spoilers for the finale of HYD Returns!

It's sad that I find him so attractive, isn't it? Seeing as he's wearing gold lame.

Makino arrives just as they're taking the banner for graduation and prom, and is devastated that she missed it, but she goes inside anyway.

"Makino!" a voice booms out of the darkness.

Domyouji is at first irritated that she managed to forget the dress AND be horrifically late to prom, but then he smiles, and says something she didn't expect.

He holds his hand out to her, and I make vowel sounds about how beautiful he is.

Makino ROLLS HER EYES, and says she guesses she has no choice, and I'm given the 900009billionth reason why I love her.

Domyouji loves her, too. As he has since she told him not to be so full of shit and punched him in the face.

He swoops her up - the spotlight the only light in this gigantic room.

And then - the lights come up..IN A BASEBALL STADIUM SIZED ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE. Confetti cannons! People cheering and screaming and DOING THE WAVE in celebration.

Makino is understandably startled.


Bonus picspam! The conversation with Makino's father!

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