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HYD: Makino

Hana Yori Dango Returns: The Prom That Sort of Wasn't

This is absolutely one of my favorite scenes in both seasons of Hana Yori Dango and the Final movie. HANDS DOWN.

Domyouji left Makino with her family with a very fancy dress to wear to meet him at prom after graduation. On her way, she gets stuck in the mud, runs out of gas, and encounters general mayhem that really wrecks the plan to go to prom.

Hey, seeing as she caught his attention by punching him, I don't think missing prom is going to ruin their relationship at this point.

Spoilers for the finale of HYD Returns!

It's sad that I find him so attractive, isn't it? Seeing as he's wearing gold lame.

Makino arrives just as they're taking the banner for graduation and prom, and is devastated that she missed it, but she goes inside anyway.

"Makino!" a voice booms out of the darkness.

Domyouji is at first irritated that she managed to forget the dress AND be horrifically late to prom, but then he smiles, and says something she didn't expect.

He holds his hand out to her, and I make vowel sounds about how beautiful he is.

Makino ROLLS HER EYES, and says she guesses she has no choice, and I'm given the 900009billionth reason why I love her.

Domyouji loves her, too. As he has since she told him not to be so full of shit and punched him in the face.

He swoops her up - the spotlight the only light in this gigantic room.

And then - the lights come up..IN A BASEBALL STADIUM SIZED ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE. Confetti cannons! People cheering and screaming and DOING THE WAVE in celebration.

Makino is understandably startled.


Bonus picspam! The conversation with Makino's father!


:D I love how at the end he's all "DId I blow it?!"

Hahaha Makino and Domyouji are so adorable!
The anxious "did I blow it?" is so completely hilarious! thank you for looking!
AH!I love this scene!! This was definitely one of the scenes I wanted to put into my picspam. If I'd had six scenes instead of five in mine, this definitely would have gone in.

But yeah, pretty much the most awesome proposal ever and like you I LOVE how she says yes. And the look on her face when the lights come on is priceless XD And as per usual Domyouji screws up the words and asks her dad to marry him. YES. I love how Makino's dad plays along with it.

Actually, to shorten up this comment I could have just said I freaking love everything about this scene :D
it IS the most awesome proposal ever! i got chills while rewatching to cap it last night - i mean, it is just DEAD silent in there, and then the lights come up and the place goes CRAZY. it is so complete awesome!

I always took Makino's dad agreeing to marry him as both of them being nervous and screwing up.

and thank you for looking! i HAD to do this scene, and i had just gotten started when i saw you had posted too. my heart sank, i have to admit, because i REALLY REALLY wanted to picspam this scene. fortunately, you didnt, and i had a fabulous time!

You know, the more I watch other dramas, the more I realize that it's just impossible for anything else to garner quite the affection I have for Hanadan. I mean, even if some other dramas might be better written or better plotted, nothing has DORKFACE (your nickname totes suits him!) and MAKINO. I just love them SO RIDICULOUSLY MUCH. I love his GOLD LAME and TOTAL FAILURE and her PUNCHING THE BEAR and DISBELIEVING FACE. I have to stop trying to rank the dramas I've seen because there's no way I can make anything else compete with Hanadan.

This was my extremely looong way of saying I LOVE THIS PICSPAM and it brought up a lot of my feelings from the end of the series again. Also, I can't look at that last cap without laughing. MAKINO TSUKUSHI, WELCOME TO YOUR FUTURE! XDD

are you overwhelmed or laughing your ass off? with HYD, YOU NEVER CAN TELL.

and YES, NOTHING will overcome my affection for Hanadan. it was my first, and is probably one of the greatest. gold lame, goofy hair, and awkward kisses and all.

are you overwhelmed or laughing your ass off? with HYD, YOU NEVER CAN TELL.
Both! Definitely both! I started off overwhelmed and then laughing through my teary eyes. How do you does this to me every time, Hanadan? XDD

OH MY GOD, PERFECT! That's such an excellent idea for a picspam! You have to do it. Or I'll be forced to do it. Or anenko, really. XD

*incoherent noises of GLEE*

These two are just fantastic together. ♥ Fantastic, funny picspam.
*beams at you* last night, rinalin was trying to convince me to cap the rain scene in HYD Returns, and i was trying to explain that i couldnt do it because what a powerful scene, i would cry all over myself, no other scene hits me that hard OMG THE ENGAGEMENT SCENE.

..i stayed up til 1:30 doing this. clearly, i have issues.

arent they FABULOUS, though? stupid and stubborn and completely insane and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
Love love love love this scene. Everything about it. It really is the best proposal ever!

And yeah, I totally find Domyoji insanely attractive despite (or maybe because of...) the gold lame and shiny/glittery scarf/tie thing he has going on.
it SO is the best proposal ever!

and i dont know how Dorkface manages it! I swear, i found him extremely unattractive the first 2 episodes! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?
MatsuJun has some sort of weird magic that makes him appear weirdly attractive ALL THE TIME. It even overcomes hideous curly hair and sparkly suits!
HYD, how I love thee!
i SWOON over this scene! it is SO them!

also, the "my sweat honey" tag is killing me.

YESSSSSSSSSSSS OMG I LOVE IT. I have watched the last episode of HYD2 far too many times. The laughter! THE TEARS.

I love this picspam forever. <3333333333333333

Re: also, the "my sweat honey" tag is killing me.

hee! thank you! i love Hanadan like crazy, and I love Dorkface SO SO SO MUCH, so i had to picspam some more of it and him.

..i couldnt help the "my sweat honey" tag. i fell for the idiot in the forth episode and cannot get over my love - poofy hair, gold lame, and all.

(I would both love, and be horrifically mortified, if anyone ever did that for me ...As if! LOL)
it is TOTALLY a baseball stadium! it's HUGE.

..and yeah, my husband proposed to me in a hotel room where we were all by ourselves, and i STILL got all embarrassed!
Thank you! And where else would he do it? if he could have figured out how to have the press right there to do a super tight focus on her face and on his clothes, Im sure he would have!
pure <3! arigato! :-)
hee! thank you!
Seeing as he's wearing gold lame.

The gold is bad but it's the scarf that gets me everytime - it must be an F4 thing - Rui wore almost the same thing to Domyouji's birthday party.
rich people in dramas have the worst taste in clothes!
Awwwwww that was so cute!

'You're supposed to ask for the daughter!'

'Oh man did I blow it?'

No it's totally ok. They've wanted you to be their son in law since day 1.
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