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HANA KIMI:  Nakatsu Loves

Picspammy: Hana Kimi - 90 Stage Showdown

The Japanese version of Hana Kimi is made of pure complete crack. There is no other explanation for most of what happens in this drama. Starting with the fact our main character is a girl pretending to be a boy so she can attend school with her idol, a high jumper.

Sano, the high jumper, and one of his good friends, Nakatsu, both end up falling for Mizuki. Sano knows she's a girl. Nakatsu thinks she's a boy. HIJINKS ENSUE.

During this first scene, there are two things going on:
1. The three dorms are competing to go on a trip to Hawaii (you can tell them apart easily. Dorm 1 is wearing karate outfits. Dorm 3 is wearing capes and make up. Dorm 2 looks RELATIVELY normal in comparison)
2. Nakatsu and Sano are competing to see who will win the chance to date Mizuki

The gauntlet is thrown.

The dorms. I really wasn't kidding about the capes or the sparkles.

Mizuki finds their competitiveness perplexing.

I mentioned the crack, right?

Nakatsu is dumbfounded that Mizuki wins one. Sano shows his sense of compassion. By putting a hot stick on Nakatsu's face.

Sneezing competition. Yes. Really.

I still haven't figured out exactly how to play this game, but it looks a lot like Red Light, Green Light in some ways.


They decide the only thing to do is work together to dance to Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend." Dressed as cheerleaders with pompoms.


Click through and watch this in HQ, because it is completely made of awesome.


oh toma♥ i loved this and the all of the 'homo janai' scenes. that and when kagurazaka got kissed |D
what is oscar doing.....

great picspam.
Nakatsu is love! the Homo Janai scene is one of the BEST EVER. i love his charming little grin when he gets caught with panties on his head.

..i noticed the possible pornography of Oscar there after i had uploaded the cap, but i didnt want to have to go back and recap,so i left it. oops!

thank you!
I seriously love this show. It is pure crack and is therefore made of awesomeness. I was a total Mizuki/Nakatsu shipper and I don't care who knows it.

Plus - all the Dorms ever did was play games. I think they went to class three times during the whole drama. But, I loved them all, especially the boys from Dorm Two and Oscar (I liked when he'd randomly show up, usually being pushed on a trolley and laughing like an insane person). And, then there was the Hibari Four, which were always nice. Plus - Hibari and Oscar were hilarious. That dance!
I ship Sano/Mizuki hard, but i love Nakatsu so much that i feel the only possible solution is THREESOME.

Oscar, i found disturbing at times, but the getting possessed, being wheeled around on a trolley and dressing up like a bear? HEEEE.
Pretty sure I had to pause the show fifty times while watching this scene because I couldn't stop laughing. I almost fell off my chair when they got to the "Girlfriend" Cheerleading thing.

Only thing that would have made it better is if somehow Sano had to do it too. Oguri Shun with sparkly pom-poms would be the best thing ever XD
Oguri Shun with sparkly pom-poms would be the best thing ever

I would trade all of my pirated Arashi cds to see this. OMG YES.

Seriously, these two scenes are some of the most hilarious things to ever happen to me while watching a drama! I laughed so amazingly hard at the 90 challenges and honestly, when the "Gilrfriend" cheer started, I couldn't believe it was happening. It was everything I wanted! And the song choice was like something already destined for YouTube! Oh, Hana Kimi, never change! <3

Thanks for putting this together! It made me grin like a crazy person. The drama spams are totally going to take over picspammy and I couldn't be happier about it. ;)
HEEEEEE! Thank you! I had so much fun capping it!

The Girlfriend cheer really is one of the all time best scenes of any drama ever.

...anenko and i have already decided that pispammy is going to HATE us pretty soon. i am currently embracing the concept. Stay tuned for more spam!
YAY!!!!!!!!! This is SO WONDERFUL. I think my favorite part (OUT OF MANY) is when Sano is crazy-good at UNROLLING TOILET PAPER and Mizuki and Nakatsu are just like WTF????? And it's so beautiful!

Everything about this picspam is LOVE. <3!
HEEE! Thank you! I am having WAY too much fun with this theme, and i had to take advantage of the opportunity to spread the utter crack that is Hana Kimi!
I added Hana Kimi to my "to watch" list ages ago but this is pure crack! I was laughing all the time during that video, I added this post to my memories and now I am going to dl the series asap :DDDD
it IS pure crack, and it is so much FUN. Watch it, then come tell me what you think!
LMAO. I love some good crack. I've got it all downloaded already. Can't waito t watch it. :)
Ooh, watch it, watch it! Japan does the BEST crack!
o.O crack-a-licious...I am compelled to watch this but how does everyone think it is normal for a group of guys to do their hair up in pigtails and cheer for other guys to Avril Lavigne and still think they are dreamy? o.O I wants to go there...'cause me being spazzy would look tame by comparison. lolz
A.actually, them doing their hair up in pigtails and dancing around to Avril is nowhere near the oddest thing they do. Id probably say all the dressing up in costumes, the massive amounts of half nudity, and the wearing of women's underwear on their heads might be at the top of the list..*cough*

it is complete crack, and it is so so TASTY. it is TONS of fun.

..your icon amuses me terribly.
Hana Kimi gives the *best* crack (seriously, can any other drama you've watched match it? I don't think any of mine can).

The Avril scene had me in hysterics when I watched it. I'm cracking up looking at the screencaps, too. You did a great job capping the scene in question. I'm impressed!
Really, i think total amount of crack is the highest in Hana Kimi. there are other shows with some really good cracked scenes, but Hana Kimi leaves them all in the dust.

and thank you! it was a bit tricky capping that scene - there were alot of shots that were way too blurry to use.
it is AMAZING levels of crack, and i love every single second!
wah! freakin' <3 hana kimi! this picspam was all sorts of awesome and makes me want to rewatch hana kimi again. i'm sano/mizuki but nakatsu is just sooo great, the more i watch it, the more i lean toward nakatsu/mizuki. toma really stole the show w/ this one. thx for rekindling the memories! :-)
Nakatsu is AMAZING. Toma totally steals the entire show. And Im a die hard Sano/Mizuki fan!

thanks for looking!
They decide the only thing to do is work together to dance to Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend." Dressed as cheerleaders with pompoms.
In any other drama, this would be a sarcastic aside from the writer. NOT IN HANAZAKARI NO KIMI TACHI E. God, how I adore it. It's like it took all our fantasies about how deliciously bad/insane something can be and made it come true. With hot boys.
AHAHAHA, yes! you could never think this was a scene done seriously, but it IS. and it's AWESOME.
OMG you are making me miss this so much! I am THISCLOSE to doing a rewatch!

I was so completely devastated when Nakatsu and Mizuki didn't end up together. In my head, they are living happily together, with 4 crazy kids and Uncle Sano lives above their garage.

So so so so cracky. (I'm pretty sure this was my first drama that was so filled with crack.)
WAIT FOR THE REWATCH. Im planning to lobby for it next on dorama_watch.

..you know what would be cool? watching Hana Kimi and Coffee Prince at the same time. GENDERBENDY THEME!
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