Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Caution: Spam Ahead

this month's challenge over at picspammy is Scenes. As in, your favorite scene. As in, OH MY GOD BRACE YOURSELVES, ALIA KNOWS HOW TO CAP AND ISNT AFRAID TO ALIENATE EVERYONE AROUND HER WHILE DOING IT.

I apologize in advance for the spam..or rather, I apologize mid-spam, as Ive already posted one scene from Smiling Pasta that makes me squeal like the fangirl I am.

Possible upcoming spams:

Hana Kimi's 90 Stage Challenge and the following "Girlfriend" routine also tempted to picspam the scene where Mizuki leaves, but im afraid that i wouldnt survive

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Serenity tosses explosions around. Nephrite needs steer horns.
...I will not picspam the bubble of love. i will not. BUT I THINK anenko SHOULD.

Coffee Prince - Han Kyul wakes Eun Chan up by singing to her. OMG SO CUTE.

Serenity - River's fight in the Maidenhead

Hairspray - Ladies' Choice. mmmmm, Link Larkin.

Arashi - Sho sinks. a boat made out of cardboard, a boat made out of leaves, an ice floe...if it's sinkable, Sho sinks it.

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