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SMILINGPASTA: Engaged Turtle Couple

Picspam: Smiling Pasta's Umbrella Scene

Smiling Pasta is a very adorable, very silly idol drama from Taiwan. It's about a normal girl who can't keep a boyfriend for more then three months, who ends up in a pretend engagement to a pop star after they accidentally bump into each other on the street.

Xiao Shi always gets dumped by her boyfriends. Always. And when she does, she has her own personal raincloud that follows her around and rains only on her.

Dumping by boyfriend in first episode:

Dumped by He Qun the first time:

The end of the series is one of my favorite scenes of all the dramas Ive seen so far. He Qun finally tells Xiao Shi that he loves her and proposes in front of all of their family and friends and the press.

The public demands make outs.

Mid kiss, the public notices something strange moving their way..

Xiao Shi sees it, too! Oh no!

Without breaking the kiss or even opening his eyes, He Qun reaches out his hand..



Eee! You did it!

Adorable scene, adorable drama. ♥
*grins* i did! of course, you're probably the only person who has bothered to look at it, but STILL. this scene was too cute not to be capped!
OMG I'd forgotten about the umbrella. SUCH an adorable series!! I loved it.
hee! thank you! and thank you for looking!
i'm really laughing out loud!, so cute scene! great job=)
thank you! it is an adorable show!
Aw! Most of this was a pretty forgettable series for me, but I do have to say that as a hero, He Qun was pretty much tops. They were both extremely adorable.
parts of it are highly forgettable, and it doesnt really stand up to a full rewatch. but He Qun is one of my favorite drama guys - in that he is never an asshole. he teases her all the time, but it doesnt cross the line into complete JERK.
This is one of my favorite dramas ever & that final kiss wasn't half bad - she's pretty distracted but he actually seemed pretty into it. lol
Cyndi needs to take kissing lessons from Rainie. Rainie knows how to actually LOOK like you want to be kissing someone.

..then again, if I were kissing Mike He, id want to kiss him, too.
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