Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Useless to Everyone But Me

Move on, this is a boring post only for me.

I use Ulead Photoimpact as a graphics program, which is a great program, and i love it, but people only write icon tutorials for PSP and etc. Which means I have to do alot of hunting to figure out how to translate that into PI.

So, a quick cheat sheet for stuff i keep forgetting:

"Screen" is "Inverse of Multiply"
"Exclusion" involves having three copies of the color to exclude, set at "Inverse," "Inverse," and "Difference."
Fake the "Color Burn" - Here

Personal most used layers for icons:
image - pink flood (overlay) - image (soft light %) - dark blue (inverse %) - image (soft light 99%)
Tags: icons

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