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COFFEEPRINCE:  Hold Me Forever

Let's Meme Some More!

I suck at memes, honestly, but i generally make an attempt before giving up completely, and two seperate people have given me stuff they associate with me that i should explain, or whatever, so here goes.

comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

ayekamn, who i've known since high school, associates me with:

intelligentsia - the intelligentsia was a LARGE group of people - mostly seniors - including ayekamn and an_bhean and one of my sisters, that I hung out with when I was a freshman in high school. People my age were by and large, boring or obnoxious, or more interested in going out to get drunk then I was, so my sister, Melisa (WHO, BY THE WAY, IS MOVING TO CHAPEL HILL THIS SUMMER) just..took me with her everywhere. including to hang out with her friends. I got invited to senior prom by one of the other intelligensia people, and we all went in one huge group to eat out, to prom, to Waffle House, and then to a coed slumber party at someone's house. it was AWESOME.

i was very very sad when that group of seniors graduated, because i liked them a lot better then the people my age.

there were a couple of other younger members - me, Jay Varner, who was the younger brother of an intelligentsia member, and Daniel, who was dating an_bhean at the time.

that..probably rambled a lot and expressed very little, so, to sum up: I MISS THE INTELLIGENTSIA.

fanfic - my reason for being in any fandom anywhere ever. without fanfic, i get very sad. i read it, i write it, i breathe it..tis a lovely thing.

your sisters - naturally, ayekamn associates me with my sisters, as she's closer to their ages then i am. i have two older sisters. Natalie is 5 years older, Melisa is 3 years older. We all went to high school together. so, she knew them first.

..but she totally thinks i'm cooler. :)

live action asian shows - I AM NEVER GETTING MY LIFE BACK EVER. i fell in asian entertainment by falling in love with Dorkface Domyouji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango, the live action japanese adaptation of the manga. then i got Jun-baited into everything Matsujun has ever been in, followed Oguri Shun blindly from place to place, and started to get sucked into Matsujun's goofy/awesome/fabulous/gay boyband, Arashi. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I fell into Taiwanese dramas from there, and am cautiously testing the waters of Korean dramas, which seem to come in two flavors - ANGST, tempered by humor, and ANGST, ANGST, OH GOD THE ANGST I CANT BREATHE - ps. Im in love with my sister.

they're awesome fun, short and easily swallowed whole. you lose your mind to the show and get it back within a week!

..unless you're like me, in which case you NEVER RECOVER.

Caution: Asian entertainment eats souls.

that you call your son Lord Voldemort - to be technical, we call him Lord Voldemort the younger. Or the Little Dark Lord, the Dark Lordling, Evil pants, and Bucky.

Nowadays, when you are knocked up, you have the opportunity to see your unborn in 4d when you go in to find out what sex organs your kid is carrying. this is a) fascinating, and b) kinda creepy. it's creepy, because they have to play around with the depth field and stuff in order to get the kid in focus. to do that, you end up seeing bones and skulls and it really all around looks like the skin on your kid is melting and reforming RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

And well...the picture we got had a startling resemblance to the Elder Dark Lord.

And really, Voldemort is better then the other option. We also called him Senor Meltyface for a while after that experience.

And biases associates me with:

Ships. Tell me about the ships that defined you, and the OTPs that you'd follow till the end of the earth. - Jesus fuck, you dont ask for much, do you? LET ME TAKE THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS OF MY LIFE TO LIST MY OTPs.

Ok, let's see. My real true first ship that i claim and still love and worship to this day is Han/Leia. I remember watching copies of Empire Strikes Back that we recorded from HBO over and over and over. The snark! the clashing! the sparks! the KISS!

Han/Leia probably had the most effect on my developing fannish brain over everything else.

We meander along, with many otps, but nothing that really knocks me down and kills me until Im sitting there, innocently watching tv in college and hear, "I'm Liz Parker, and two days ago, I died." But i didnt hit OTP until Michael stole Maria's mom's jetta - with Maria in it - and they bonded in a nookie motel, and that was officially when Roswell stole my heart and ran away with it towards the sunset.

And then, the thing happened that firmly cemented my place in this world as a fangirl. I discovered fanfic. I WROTE my first fumbling attempts in fanfic. I read stuff written by anenko, literarylemming, and magelette. i made friends, who obviously i still talk to TEN YEARS LATER.

And again, Michael and Maria snarked and fought and made out and broke up and saved the world and snarked a lot more. and they were messed up people with whole loads of baggage who screwed up and fought and fixed it and screwed up again.

that's my otp, really. snarky, messed up people who love each other, screw up royally, but love each other just the same.

Which is probably why i love Domyouji/Makino so very much. they argue, the fight, they yell..but they love each other, no matter how much of an idiot Dorkface really is.

Don't get me wrong, i love the sweet couples, too, but generally, i pine SO HARD for the snarky ones, there really is no comparison.

So bad it's good Asian entertainment. Shows, music - what keeps you coming back?

I have seen a variety of so bad it's good entertainment - starting with Full House (aka. HOMYGOD I HATE EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD AND I HATE ALL MY FRIENDS WHO MADE ME WATCH IT, TOO), spanning through Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (aka A Dirty Old Man's Favorite Way to See Girls' Undies), and currently waiting in the wings Mendol (aka This Shit is Brain Meltingly Stupid).

I just cant STOP myself sometimes! either the pretty is overwhelming, the characters have amazingly chemistry, or i just have really really bad taste in entertainment.

...that last one is freakishly possibly.

and, i know i joke, but honestly, i come back for the plot, and the character interaction. if i dont care about the characters, i wont watch it. which i why i ended up actually WATCHING all of Full House, instead of ending my misery by shoving a pencil into my eardrum - Ji Eun and Young Jae just had amazing chemistry, for all that Young Jae was an immature idiot who wanted her to clean all the time, and she was an idiot who should have known better then to trust her stupid friends. And when they started to fall for each other, it was just adorable.

..in a way that made me want to hit myself in the face, but whatever!

generally, the characters capture me, then the plot (however convoluted and high) draws me in, then the next thing i know, im downloading the OST and looking to see what other things the actors have been in.

this is why Seven Degress of Asian Entertainment doesnt WORK. i cant stop watching dramas, because everytime i think..i should watch something else - i go, but wait! this guy who was in Nodame Cantabile is in this one! and oh look! it has a sequel! Hey! I think this guy is supposed to be in that new show that sounded kind of interesting...


Your family! Young Voldemort is GORGEOUS, tell me more!

Well, ok, if you want me to brag about my kid, i GUESS I could. :)

This is us:

I am married to Brandus Thorenson - we've been together since 2001 - lived in sin for a while before getting married in 2004 and reproducing in 2007.

He's tall, he's bald, and he loves horrible puns. He makes me laugh even when I'm mad at him. He takes on way too much stuff, teaches 3rd grade, and has the impulse control of a rabbit. he's a giant enabler, which has lead me to owning some odd things - like a harem girl outfit, a sword, and entirely too many craft supplies.

Voldemort's real name is Griffin, but mostly, we call him Buddy or Bucky. He's going to be two soon, and i fear for my sanity when that happens. Kiddo was born in Anchorage, Alaska, as we moved up to the bush in Alaska after Brandus graduated from his Master's in Elementary Ed and got his teaching license. Quoth he. "Let's go somewhere fun and have an adventure before we have kids!"

We were there a month before finding out I was pregnant before we left. Whoops!

Voldemort is much fun - he talks up a storm in words we mostly dont understand (I think it's Ewok, actually), has a love affair with muffins and bananas, and would sooner have the same book read to him 8000 times in a row then watch tv.

unless it's the Muppets, in which case, all bets are off.

he's just started understanding how to use a phone, and will nod or say unhuh to answer the person on the other end. he loves to look at pics and videos of other kids, so eustacia_vye28 really needs to start posting videos of Bellatrix.

and yes, Kiddo goes quite frequently without pants.

Writing - hobby or something more?

Hobby, mostly. I find i prefer fanfic to writing original fic, most of the time, although i have written some. i do proofread on the side for an online publishing company, Torqere Press, which publishes gay erotica. So, I basically proofread gay porn for money. It's fairly awesome, except for when I want to stab myself at some of the purple prose and ridiculous set ups that I have to deal with.

It's also a great way to effectively end a conversation down here in the South. the looks i get from people are priceless.

Beautiful Asian men. Everyone knows my favourites, pick out a few of yours!

What, REALLY? How am I supposed to choose?

I mean, there is Arashi - all of whom I find beautiful and intriguing except for Nino (sorry, rinalin! I love you!), but really, how can you say no to this face?

or this?

Or these displays of epic stupidity?

Im also very fond of the pretty that is Hyun Bin, whose code name should be UNF.

Gong Yoo and Nicholas Teo's smiles can easily cure cancer. I don't understand why they are not being studied in labs. I know Gong Yoo isn't smiling in this picture, but COME ON. Look at how he's built!

I have an ever increasing crush on Wu Zun, especially when he's falling for girls dressed like boys. And is shirtless. Or kissing people - boys or girls. Im not picky.

I've recently fallen for Tamaki Hiroshi, too. He's just..beautiful. Makes you wonder why he acts in such odd things.

And, of course, the guy who actually started all of my crushes on Asian men - Oguri Shun. Who is so amazingly hot, he should probably be illegal.

There! That took a while, but it was fun! Anybody else want to play?


I'll play. It'll take my mind off of the phone which isn't ringing and the email box which is empty.

Damned schools.

And yes, I will second the fact that you have a beautiful family.
I associate you with: cheeseheads, it's my day dammit, temporary kiwis, the epic battle of kara vs gradschool, and roswell underground


and what's the current score on schools?

and thank you!
Kara-0, Grad School-6, with 5 schools still yet to decide.


I'm so excited that Melisa is coming to Chapel Hill! That will be awesome. And I know so many people who has bad experiences in high school. I feel bad for them, because I loved DHS. I had such a great time there - that was an awesome group of people.
i am SO excited about Melisa moving down here. She'll probably only be there for a year - she got matched for her psych internship at UNC-CH, but STILL! she'll be so CLOSE!

She'll be moving down this summer, and we'll be going to help her get settled. We'd love to see you and Shelly then, too. :)

i didnt have BAD experiences in high school, exactly..it's just that ive always gotten along better with people in dalton who are a few years older. my grade was..better to be forgotten, really. most of the intelligentsia graduated with Melisa, and then Gary and the remnents of the others graduated the next year, leaving me and Daniel and Jay Varner.

which was a weird combo which didnt work much, even though i adore them both.
ANGST, ANGST, OH GOD THE ANGST I CANT BREATHE - ps. Im in love with my sister.

YES, THAT OTHER TYPE OF KDRAMA. I'm currently watching a series called Snow White, which stars the delicious Lee Wan, who you may also know as the hot guy from Tree of Heaven which involves abuse, forbidden love between step-siblings, joining the yakuza, and organ donation. IN THAT ORDER. I can't bring myself to watch it because I know how it ends and it's not at all a cheerful journey. Which is a shame, because Lee Wan has very nice lips. *nods*

Your family is gorgeous and I want you to adopt me. Also that first picture of Ohno made my lip wibble - WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE? And then you followed it up with sex god!Sho, which make me reach for my wallet for some money to stuff down his pants. What the hell is happening in that last show of Arashi, though? Why is Ohno getting pulled into the air? Why is Jun pulling on the harness? Why are Aiba and Nino listening to Ohno's crotch? WHY IS SHO TUGGING ON OHNO'S PANTS?!


TAMAKI HIROSHIIIIIIIIIIIII. I want to touch his lips so bad. And SHUN. I want to touch other parts of Shun.

And now I'm going away from this post because I can't seem to concentrate. *lingering look at Shun's back*
Your family is gorgeous and I want you to adopt me.

we'll get the futon ready. you don't mind cats, do you?

What the hell is happening in that last show of Arashi, though? Why is Ohno getting pulled into the air? Why is Jun pulling on the harness? Why are Aiba and Nino listening to Ohno's crotch? WHY IS SHO TUGGING ON OHNO'S PANTS?!

there are several things going on here - 1) this is from a concert, the song is "Fight Song," where they traditionally strapped themselves onto those bungee cords that Ohno has and flung themselves into the air.

Then they switched to just ONE of them attaching themselves to a rubber band. whoever "wins" at Janken is the one who flies. the others..."help" hold him down until the perfect moment, at which point the poor slub goes FLYING. this is particularly hilarious when the winner is Sho, as he is terrified of heights and hates the entire idea of flying - watch his face in the group jump, it is a thing of beauty and terror.

sadly, i dont have a clip of Sho, but here's one of Jun flying.

And then, of course, occasionally they show their love for their Captain by pantsing him moments before letting him fly through the air.

TAMAKI HIROSHIIIIIIIIIIIII. I want to touch his lips so bad. And SHUN. I want to touch other parts of Shun.

You are your family are gorgeous! :) And I totally agree with you regarding your first 'ship.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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