Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Mystery Macchiato

I just turned on my computer and my external hard drive.

When the computer booted up, I double clicked Firefox, as I do every single time I turn on my computer.

Note: I clicked no other programs. I clicked no folders. Only Firefox.

Right now, for some unexplainable reason, AUDIO ONLY of one episode (dont ask me which one) of Brown Sugar Macchiato is playing. I know it's Brown Sugar Macchiato, because I recognized the theme song, and, while that could be the OST, which I have, there is also dialogue, and I caught Ya Tou's name.

So. I hit ctl-alt-del to see if Real Player or BSplayer had popped up in the background and I just couldnt see it.

Nope. The only thing, my computer is very quick to tell me, that is running is Firefox.

Last night, before I shut down, had I been watching Brown Sugar Macchiato?


Had I been looking in one of the Brown Sugar Macchiato folders?


So...why is my computer wanting me to listen to an episode of Brown Sugar Macchiato, but not watch it? Why won't it tell me what program is running it?


...and, how can I stop it? There is no program open to close! Hitting "pause" and "stop" on my keyboard isnt working. WHAT THE HELL?
Tags: twdrama, wtf asia

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