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MOVIE: : Sugar in bed

Wu Zun, Please Take Your Shirt Off

Have any of my fellow asianaholics seen Romantic Princess? All I know is it has a girl who wants to be a heiress.

And Wu Zun dancing (and kissing!) in the rain:

Watch Romantic Princess - kiss (1)  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

And then Wu Zun kisses some more!

Watch Romantic Princess - kiss (2)  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Really, im shallow enough that those two little clips are enough to make me want to go download the whole drama, but i was curious to see if any one had seen it. Anybody?


I saw it and kissing and cuteness notwithstanding - not my thing.

I think I could feel my brain dying. The drama design was very cute (almost as cute as Wu Zun) but OMG...the stupid. It burns. I think my problem with RP was that in any good drama (or what I consider good drama, I realize everybody has subjective differences in opinion) no matter how improbable the situation, the emotional response of characters to these situations rings true, and the characters themselves come across as consistent, believable people. In RP, the reactions lacked any depth and emotion and the characters were not people, but a collection of superficial traits stuck on good-looking dolls. They did not feel real.
aww. dammit.

but, i figured it couldnt be too good if i hadnt had it pushed at me already by some of my friends...but..Wu Zun! Kissing! In the rain!


i might give it a try one day, but today is not that day. I think Ill go back to Waterboys II.
aww. that makes me so sad! it should be illegal for a drama that has Wu Zun and kissing in it to be awful!

thanks for sharing, though. at least now i know not to waste my time.
i've seen it!...

it's a pretty good drama...i got addicted to it and i've watched it a few times...

i like aaron better, but i've got to admit, wuzun looks really hot in that drama!!...

watch it!... it's really good!
Wu Zun is hot no matter what he does, but I do admit I have a preference for him liking girls dressed like boys, and a deep affection for him making out with people.

i might try it, but no promises, as others have said it's dumb like dumb things. and dumb makes me crazy.

you like hana kimi??
me 2...its such a good drama...
and ella's really funny in it!
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