Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Boy Meets Boy

I am tempted to cap and icon Boy Meets Boy, a dialogue free Korean short film about adorable gay boys, but am currently resisting.

it is adorable, except for the WTF random chick with feathers who sings about the dangers of picking guys up off the streets. NO I AM NOT KIDDING.

if you're thinking about it, i saw it at *MYSTERYCOMM* and at jdramas, and i would recommend not wasting your time with the directors cut, as it increases the WTF singing!feathered!chick to THREE random songs.

Also, after having Brandus wave the dell catalog around in my face and then getting an email about a sale for president's day, i did my part for the economy and bought a brand new laptop. HOLY CRAP Y'ALL. Madmartigan is almost 5 years old, and he is in sad shape - the keyboard is missing so many keys i have a USB keyboard that sits on top of it that i use - the rubber feet are all gone - the casing over the hard drive is broken away, as are other pieces of the external case...poor Mad. *pets him soothingly* I wibbled and thought and double checked my savings account, and i had the money. And y'all, Madmartigan was EXPENSIVE. And I basically at least doubled RAM, tripled hard drive space, doubled processing speed...for a quarter of what i paid for Mad. if i had waited, the price would have gone up nearly $300 when the sale was over. the money I saved is going to go towards upgrading my Photoimpact software and getting a licensed copy of Page Four. *purr*


She (yes, a she - I dont know her name yet, though) should be here in a week or so. WHEEE!
Tags: make out dammit, my capslock for asia, wtf asia

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