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PGSM: Unmasked

My Afro is Natural

Today, I watched Waterboys, mainly because a) it sounded cracked, and b) it has Tamaki Hiroshi in it. Tamaki Hiroshi is Chiaki-senpai in Nodame Cantabile, and I wanted more of his extremely attractive self.

This is how he looks in Nodame Cantabile. Sex on toast.

Tragically, this is how he looks in Waterboys.

Yes. With the afro. DEAR JOSS WHY?

Fortunately, halfway through the movie, this happens:

And we end up with this. Mmmmm.

Overall, a cute movie. Rather forgettable, probably, but very cute. And no, Tamaki Hiroshi isn't the main character, but he does still get to have his very own gay boy crushing on him - just like in Nodame!

Isn't he adorable?

Also, Struessman is in this as well, as the dolphin trainer who ends up training these guys. I have no pictures of him, though.

I'll probably end up watching the Waterboys drama, too, but Tamaki isn't in it, so I'm not feeling the need to watch it right now.

Instead, im back to easing my way through Proposal Daisakusen - im up to ep 5, and Im wondering about the times in between when Ken wasnt back in time. Did he go back to his casual ways? Because Im betting he is going from super sweet (when he is back in time) to being thoughtless (when he's just..his normal past self), and I bet it makes Rei CRAZY. he likes her, he doesnt like her, he likes her...i wonder how she kept from slapping him for five episodes?

although, the 'graduation' he threw for her as baseball manager was pretty much the awesomest thing ever. and his FACE when she found the button! HIS FAAAACE. *flails*


I'll leave you with this vivid image:


I haven't seen this yet, but I did watch their final performance! Even though I know why she had them, I still find it amusing that that girl had the Love speedo in her pocket! *snort* Afro!

...You know, now that you reminded me of this movie, I should get around to watching it. Hot Japanese guys in speedos? Yeah, I should watch this.
How is Proposal Daikusen?? I was considering that being my next drama cause I saw a mouthwatering picture of Yamapi in it :)
it's very cute. it's..gentle, for lack of a better word. it is crack, but it's very sweet and lovely. i just finished ep 6 and flailed alot.

and while Yamapi is yummy in it, he only occasionally comes off as mouthwatering, and most of those times, he is deep into a soulful stare at Rei.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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