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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Another Pointless Update - Now Featuring Things from America!

I havent been posting, because I basically took a break from all drama watching for the past two weeks or so. The last thing I watched was ep 5 of Invincible Shan Bao Mei, and I would have totally watched more of that, only I can't find more completed subbed eps anywhere, so no more boob jokes for me.

I did watch a couple of things..Hell's Kitchen, Bones, Mulan, and High School Musical 3, so you see, i DO still watch stuff in English!

The best was Mulan, and Ive been reading Mulan/Shang fanfic since, but even though it's about China, IT IS STILL IN ENGLISH SO IT COUNTS.

Today, i watched the first ep of Nodame Cantabile, and Im already in love with it. Not to mention that Chiaki is already totally in love with Nodame, he just doesn't realize it. but he gives her these incredibly fond smiles when she does crazy stuff, and he cleaned her house and cooked and told her that next time he would cook her something better, and then he washed her hair and I died while he was drying it. I really did.

it might sound weird, but i would have been totally happy for it to end at the end of ep1. with him looking at Nodame fondly while she spun in circles or wore a tea cozy as a hat, or whatever other insane thing you could think of. this wont stop me from watching on, but really, just him coming to a place where he's more at peace with himself, and where he totally love Nodame and takes care of her, even though he denies it - that makes me happy.

In other American news, Im attempting to upload all 13 eps of The Inside to THAT ONE COMM. I managed to fuck up my post twice, so Im crossing my fingers that they arent going to send this one back to me, too. if anyone is interested in the links, let me know, and ill post them. if you HAVENT seen The Inside, it's a creepy procedural crime drama featuring an awesomely fucked up main character and Adam Baldwin as an FBI agent named Danny Love. I adore it, although i suggest you dont watch it in the dark when you're alone, as you might wet your pants. "Declawed" creeps the ever loving fuck out of me, for one thing. and then there is the Ponyman, and the fact that he's a pedo and is only know as the Ponyman should tell you several things about him and how creepy he is. gah.

also, ive come to a theory about my tendencies towards dramas and which ones i like the best - based solely on how long it takes me to start porning up the show in my own mind.

For example: Why Why Love, Mike He's mullet and Rainie - still no mental porn, and no desire to do so. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - I believe I was porning Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon having public secret identity sex by ep 17. You'd be amazed at what a cape can cover.

must think more on this theory.


Today, i watched the first ep of Nodame Cantabile, and Im already in love with it.

Isn't it wonderful? I love the faces Chiaki makes whenever he sees Nodame, and how free she is to be herself, no matter what other people may think. And the music! I'm not big on classical music, but I loved the scenes of Chiaki conducting.

I'm so glad that you're watching this. (I'm hoping this is one of your porn inspiring series. *g*)

I managed to fuck up my post twice,

You have no idea how happy I am to hear that. I fucked up a movie post twice, and was sure the mods were smacking their heads and seriously considering banning me.

I'll be downloading for suce, once the links go through.
am mainlining. usually, i wait til kid is sleeping, but im trying to finish ep3 whenever his attention is off of me. LOVE.

oh, man, i totally fucked the post up twice, but got it the third time. and it is UP! it's on there. i LOVE The Inside, it is so very fucked up.

Edited at 2009-10-29 11:43 pm (UTC)
I've been downloading the eps from ihearttvshows and I have to say this series is pretty...cracktastic.

I'm up to Episode 4 and I have to say I've never wanted to slap any child like I do that little girl in that one. So far I am loving the series but aah! that ending was so anticlimatic. What an evil little child.
Isnt it cracked? It seriously freaks me out in some places, but i LOVE it.

Im glad you're liking it! If you're a Joss fan, keep your eye out for several Jossverse references, including a very obvious Adam Baldwin/Serenity reference, and an appearance by Amber Benson.
I still haven't watched ISBM, I keep remembering that it's not complete and I feel that I'll love the boob jokes and the rocket penis and then feel bereft when I get to the end of however many eps AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. :(

YES! NODAME! Now you too can roll around in the unbridled joy that is that series, with the fun and hilarity and beautiful, meaningful relationships that exist between everyone, not to mention Tamaki Hiroshi's amazing lips. And I kind of want to marry Ueno Juri as well, I'd take either of them at this point. Or Eita. But mainly Tamaki Hiroshi's lips.

In your description of The Inside I read Adam Baldwin as Alec Baldwin and LOL. I love Alec in 30 Rock (which you should watch if you haven't already!) but Adam is way hotter. Mmm.

public secret identity sex

There needs to be more of this. Yes.
Yes! I love the relationships between everyone, and how Mine adores Nodame, but knows he has no chance, and how Megumi and Nodame get along, and the contrabasso player, who is just darling!

and honestly, from the pics ive seen of Chiaki, including both yours and anenko's icons, i honestly had NO IDEA he was so pretty. the icons make him look...weird, but GOD he is attractive. I want to unbutton all those white shirts and lick my way down his chest and shove his hair out of his face and nnnnngggh PRETTY.

public secret identity sex

There needs to be more of this. Yes.

agreed. perhaps you will write some too!
from the pics ive seen of Chiaki, including both yours and anenko's icons, i honestly had NO IDEA he was so pretty.

That's because Chiaki spends a good deal of his time making weird faces in reaction to Nodame. *g*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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