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I Call Upon the Power of The Internets!

Hi, my favorite people! I need some help, please.

As a special ed teacher, I get rather..irrationally excited when I come across a story, book, tv show, or movie where there is a major character with a disability. I would really love to find more, but to do so, I need your help.

If you happen to know of a book - kid's book, picture book, novel, whatever - a tv show, asian drama, movie, pamphlet, song, WHATEVER - that has a person with a disability as a MAJOR CHARACTER (not main, necessarily, just major), would you please tell me about it?

Now, to clarify: I'm not looking for things like "Radio," or "Riding the Bus with My Sister," so much as I'm looking for things like "Sue Thomas, F.B.EYE," or "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." But whatever you can think of, please share.

Here's my very partial list, which I hope you will help me add to:

Sue Thomas, F.B.EYE - tv - main character
Summer Snow - jdrama - brother
She's All That - tv - brother
Hear No Evil, See No Evil - movie - main
Orange Days - jdrama - main

Hear No Evil, See No Evil - movie - main
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - movie - main
Blade Trinity - movie - major character

Torey L Hayden books

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - book - main
Kristy and the Secret of Susan - book - main
Marathon - jmovie - main

What's Eating Gilbert Grape - movie - brother
The Other Sister - movie - main
South Park - tv - Timmy
I Am Sam - movie - main

Downs Syndrome:
Life Goes On - tv - main

Vorkosigan novels - Bujold - main - dwarfism, brittle bones, possible bipolar
South Park - tv - Jimmy
Summer Snow - jdrama - main - medical heart condition
The Station Agent - movie - main - dwarfism
Joan of Arcadia - tv - brother - paraplegic

Drama people, I would LOVE to know of more dramas with people with disabilities.


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The Babysitter's Club books involving Matt Braddock, who's deaf.
Or Kristy and the Secret of Susan, about an autistic girl

Two of my short stories feature a girl who has Asperger's. "And A Chook Shall Lead Them" and "Sliding Down the Pohutukawa Root."

I also found this list: http://www.springfieldlibrary.org/reading/disabled.html

Hope that helps a little bit!
I cant remember how major of a character Matt is..will have to go look back into BSC, because it's been YEARS since Ive read them.

ooh! Kristy and the Secret of Susan! I forgot all about that one!

where would i find the shorts, dear one?

ooh, cool list! Thank you!




thank you! *adds*
Hello I am Bree's husband and she asked me to add to your list there. I have a degree in Hearing Impaired Education . From my own collection for People who are Deaf or HH (Hard of Hearing) you have the book "Deaf Like Me", there is the play "Children of a Lesser God" and you can check this link out to see what Marlee Matlin does, since she is a major Deaf actress http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0559144/. There is also the books "Deaf child Crossing", "Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture", "deaf Heritage", and "Train go sorry" Also since Thomas Edison was deaf in his left ear anything with him could fall into the HH or Physical Impairment areas

If you want a child that would qualify as OHI due to illness is Sadako and the 1000 Paper cranes, though depending on your state should might instead be 504.

also They now know after exhuming the body Albert Einstein's brain had the genetic marker to show he was on the ASD spectrum.

Then for famous people who are ADD/ADHD you have Jim Carrey, Prince Charles, cher, Tom cruise, Walk disney, Whoopi Goldberg, and Ozzy Osbourne. for a list of some famous people with ADD/ADHD you can go to http://www.adhdrelief.com/famous.html.

Then for Emotional/Behavior stuff you have one of the U.S.'s most famous poets who was diagnosed to be clinically depressed Edger Allen Poe.

I hope this helps some.
Oh, wonderful! Thanks! Train Go Sorry was the one I was destroying my brain trying to remember the title of earlier today. And, of course, Marlee - we all love Marlee!

Im mainly looking for fiction at this point, but I hadnt heard that Edison had markers for ASD spectrum, although Im not surprised.

Thanks for the help!
I don't know how suitable these will be, but here's some:

- There's a guy in the jdrama version of Cat Street who has a stutter and I think a kind of nervous thing, so he communicates through dance or something (I can't remember, the jdrama kind of bored me) so you could check it out.

- Would you consider Rui from the various Hana Yori Dango incarnations as having autism? It's probably more pronounced in Meteor Garden but I can't remember if you've seen that or not.

- I haven't seen it yet but I've been reading summaries for the jdrama Innocent Love and I hear that one of the characters is mentally impaired after a coma or something? I'm not sure if that fits the disability thing since it didn't occur at birth, but it might help. Plus you'd get to see IL for the lulz! I'm totally downloading it later, it seems hilarious FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS.

- I haven't seen it yet but the main guy in Tree of Heaven is mute, although I think he regains his speech after falling into a taboo-filled love affair with his step-sister.

I feel like there should be about 203492834 kdramas with this issue, but apparently not.

- There's a movie called Pumpkin where the main guy has both physical and developmental disabilities, but it's okay because Christina Ricci gets a crush on him regardless.

- The sister in Code Geass (anime) is blind and in a wheelchair, but I never finished the series so I can't remember exactly why.

- I don't know if you've read Isobelle Carmody's excellent YA fantasy series, The Obernewtyn Chronicles, but one of the major characters is blind. You should definitely check them out, they're a great story.

- I feel a bit dirty reccing this, but one of the VC Andrews series has a deaf cousin in it. The first book is Melody and it's actually my favourite VC Andrews series. Shhh!

I feel there should be more but that's all I can remember at the moment, if any of these help then I'm glad to be of service! I'm off to watch a few eps of WWL now so I can catch up to you - I got your emails but haven't replied yet because I didn't want to read spoilers for ep 4. Have you gone past that yet? YAY MULLET TIME!

I wouldnt consider Rui to be on the spectrum, but I havent seen Meteor Garden, either. I should probably do that, one of these days.

I havent seen Cat Street, but it sounds..interesting?

oh, yes, Innocent Love! coma, then TBI. ive been reading wolfie's write ups and LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. she proposed by THROWING HER PANTIES ACROSS THE POOL. that will never stop being awesome.

there SHOULD be tons of kdramas..where are they all? oh, and the little girl in Sam Soon is an elective mute, too.

Pumpkin scares me a little. i want to see it..but i really really dont...

oooh, i havent read that series. MUST OBTAIN.


WWL: heee! the mullet compels you! ep 4 is REALLY cute in many ways. i havent watched ep 5, because 4 made me happy, and i dont want to angst to return just yet. so, im still watching Invincible Shan Bao Mei and marveling at how i still find Nicholas Teo attractive when he's being such an asshole. and a fruity dancer! will watch ep 5 tomorrow, though, really.
Early Edition - tv - Marissa Clark (not the main character, but in the main cast for all four seasons)

Down Syndrome:
Life Goes On - tv - Corky Thatcher (brother of main character)

Dark Angel - tv - Logan Cale (in a wheelchair for much of the series)
excellent! thank you!
Blind Justice made me want to beat my head against the table. You dont get a dog automatically if you're blind! and it's HARD to work with a dog. I spent most of it wanting to see the assistive tech he was using.

oh, figures I would forget Life Goes On. Duh.

thank you!
Not the entire show, but in the first and second season of The West Wing there was the character Joey Lucas, a deaf pollster that helps out the campaign, I understand the actress, Marlee Matlin, (who is actually deaf) also has a large arc in The L Word.

I'm sure I'll think up more as it churns in my brain, but that's the only thing that I can think of off the top of my head.
ooh, yay! Thank you!
First - love Orange Days. Such a good show. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime is a great novel.

Others: (I included cancers and immune diseases)

Aishiteiru to Ittekure - jdrama; the male lead is deaf (also written by Kitagawa Eriko, who wrote Orange Days)

Beautiful Life - jdrama; female lead is in a wheelchair and has an unnamed illness. Also written by Kitagawa and stars Kimura Takuya

Taiyou no Kisetsu - jdrama; female lead has a large limp due to a car crash. Not what most would think of as a disability, but it plays a major part in some of the story, especially the end.

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu - jdrama (special); the son of the two main characters battles cancer.

Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru - jdrama (special); the main character has CIDP

One Litre of Tears - jdrama; female lead battles spinocerebellar degeneration

Tears of Happiness - chinesedrama; a remake of One Litre of Tears. Aired this past summer, but I don't think it has been subbed.

Algernon ni Hanataba o - jdrama; based on the novel Flowers for Algernon. Several minor characters with mental disabilities; the main character's best friend/foster sister is also mentally disabilied and remains so.

Hello, God - kdrama; also based on Flowers for Algernon

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish - jfilm; female lead has CP

Crying Out Love At the Centre of the World - jdrama and a jfilm (different casts); female lead battles leukemia

My Girl - kfilm; based on Crying Out. . .

Snow Queen - kdrama; female lead has a disease that effects her immune system, I think. I can't remember what she had.

Happiness - kfilm; I believe both the female and male lead had a disease, but I cannot recall what

Kamisama, Mou Sukoshi Dake - jdrama; female lead has HIV. It was made in 1998 and really shows how Japan tends to treat whose with diseases/with disabilities

Thank You - kdrama; the little girl, daughter of the female lead is HIV+

Daisuki!! - jdrama; female lead has the mind of an 8-year-old

Hitotsu Yane no Shita - jdrama; the youngest brother is in a wheelchair; a female character has an illness that could kill her.

A Moment to Remember - kfilm; female lead develops Alzheimer's

A Moment to Remember/Watashi no atama no naka no keshigomu - jdrama (special); a remake of the kfilm

Boku no Aruku Michi - jdrama; male lead is autistic

I'm sure there are many more, as Korean dramas and Japanese dramas love giving their leads disabilities
you are AWESOME. thank you so much! *rubs hands together greedily*

have you see Daisuki!? i have an ep downloaded, but i get a little nervous watching shows about "special people" sometimes. because they get rather preachy and annoying, instead of showing the public how people with disabilities are just NORMAL PEOPLE. ahem. sorry, off the soapbox.
Jericho - Features Shoshannah Stern who is deaf... Nearly all the characters have the ability to sign to her. She was also in the first season of Weeds.

Also, go through IMDB key words... You'll find a bit of everything.
Malcolm In The Middle - Malcolm's best friend is in a wheel chair.

And Marlee Maitlin had a major recurring role on West Wing as a pollster who actually used a translator.

Whistler is the blind phreak genius in the movie Sneakers (Robert Redford).

Monk is OCD, agoraphobic.

Professor Xavier of X-Men is a paraplegic.

Daredevil is blind.

Johnny Smith of Dead Zone walks with a limp and has a physical therapist as one of his supporting characters.

Dexter is a sociopath who has found unique coping methods. Oh wait, scratch that one.
I forgot this fact though she is not deaf or HH herself, Camryn Manheim is a nationally certified interpreter for the Deaf and used to volunteer and work at some hospitals signing for mothers who are deaf and having babies

Also on house one of the main characters is suppose to have some neurological disorder that will slowly strip away her ability to control her body and cause her to be unable to control her limbs and speech.

Also http://www.d.umn.edu/~cspiller/stutteringpage/famous.htm has famous stutters. I know you are more wanting fiction over nonfiction though.

Another movie that has a big subplot around a person who is mentally disordered is Love Actually. The brother of the character that Laura Linney plays has some mental issue, since he is institutionalized in the movie.
Barbara Gordon/Oracle from DC Comics!

Hm, wait, I see she was mentioned upthread. Well, she's unstoppably awesome, so I'll mention her again.

Oh, and Toph from Avatar: the Last Airbender. She's blind and kicks ass.
Black - Bollywood movie (really different from the usual BW and without songs actually). It's inspired by Helen Keller's autobiography so it is basically the story of a deaf and mute girl.

Itoshi Kimi e - jdrama. Main lead gets Behçet's disease and loses sight.

Edison no Haha - jdrama. Not disability but about a boy who is too intelligent for his age and how the school, and especially his teacher deals with it.

Nodame Cantabile - jdrama. Nodame could possibly be on the autism spectrum.
-Geordi from Star Trek: TNG is blind.
-Matt from Daredevil is blind.
-Xavier from X-Men is in a wheelchair.
-Logan from Dark Angel is in a wheelchair.
-One of the doctors in ER has problems with her legs? I'm going off of commercials, here, as I never really got into the series. [And details!]
-Dr. House from House has a leg injury, and needs a cane.
-Toph from Avatar is blind; there's also a minor character (Teo) who is in a wheelchair.
- One of the secondary characters in Bleach is blind [Tosen; details]
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