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I Call Upon the Power of The Internets!

Hi, my favorite people! I need some help, please.

As a special ed teacher, I get rather..irrationally excited when I come across a story, book, tv show, or movie where there is a major character with a disability. I would really love to find more, but to do so, I need your help.

If you happen to know of a book - kid's book, picture book, novel, whatever - a tv show, asian drama, movie, pamphlet, song, WHATEVER - that has a person with a disability as a MAJOR CHARACTER (not main, necessarily, just major), would you please tell me about it?

Now, to clarify: I'm not looking for things like "Radio," or "Riding the Bus with My Sister," so much as I'm looking for things like "Sue Thomas, F.B.EYE," or "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." But whatever you can think of, please share.

Here's my very partial list, which I hope you will help me add to:

Sue Thomas, F.B.EYE - tv - main character
Summer Snow - jdrama - brother
She's All That - tv - brother
Hear No Evil, See No Evil - movie - main
Orange Days - jdrama - main

Hear No Evil, See No Evil - movie - main
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - movie - main
Blade Trinity - movie - major character

Torey L Hayden books

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - book - main
Kristy and the Secret of Susan - book - main
Marathon - jmovie - main

What's Eating Gilbert Grape - movie - brother
The Other Sister - movie - main
South Park - tv - Timmy
I Am Sam - movie - main

Downs Syndrome:
Life Goes On - tv - main

Vorkosigan novels - Bujold - main - dwarfism, brittle bones, possible bipolar
South Park - tv - Jimmy
Summer Snow - jdrama - main - medical heart condition
The Station Agent - movie - main - dwarfism
Joan of Arcadia - tv - brother - paraplegic

Drama people, I would LOVE to know of more dramas with people with disabilities.
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