Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

2008 Fandom Round Up

Some fics, a few vids, but one INCOMPLETE fic that is glaring at me. I VOW TO FINISH WINGTIP THIS YEAR.

Brown Sugar Macchiato:

- A Ghost and a Boy - give a ghost a little bit of time
- Icons


- Abort Once Around (Out of Orbit Remix) - a remix of a remix of something I wrote in the first place. Jayne/crew
- Ficlets: Snow, Wedding, Simon and Zoe - angst
- Smolder (Come On Baby, Light My Fire Remix) - Simon and Zoe, a remix of rinalin fic
- Woman-Wife-Lover (Five Women Simon Tam Never Married)

Full House kdrama:

- Maid to Order - Ji-Eun gives Young-Jae something inspiring


- What's Right - Link marches

Hana Kimi Japan:

- Out of Order - Nakatsu desperately needs a bathroom
- my hands still shake - 3 people, 3 ways of seeing
- Problems of a Meditative Nature - NC17 - Sano has a problem. A big problem.

Hana Yori Dango:

- Girls Like This - Yuki and Suijiroh at a party, scroll down to read
- A Boy Like That - Yuki and Suijiroh, another party, another look
- PICSPAM:Domyouji Tsukasa: Woobie or Bastard
- Your Heart Beneath My Hands - that Domyouji isnt the boy with her
- Comedy of Eros - defeated by basic biology


- Dumb and Tragic - Sawada Shin is deeply uncool
- Uniformly Covered - She was wearing nothing but his uniform jacket


- we dance simple hours - her heart is a pebble in her hands

Smiling Pasta:

- A Plate of Wonderful Marriage Pasta - He Qun and Xiao Shi's wedding day doesnt quite go as planned

The Young Riders:

- A Horse and Her Boy - Kid and Katy and true love


- VID: Beat It - How Strong Is Your Fight - Asian multifandom, with explosions and car crashes. Or maybe just fist fights
Tags: 2008 fandom roundup

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