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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

A Year in Review

2008 was..interesting, to say the least.

For my own enjoyment, let's do a recap of things, shall we?

- I met Amber Benson when she and a band flew to the middle of Alaska. She loves my baby

- I came down with yet another case of kidney stones. Yay. The same week, Brandus is dealing with having pneumonia and bronchitis. THAT WAS FUN.

- I imploded part of Tin Man fandom by accidentally outing a plagiarist to a comm I didn't know she was a member of. Whoops.

- I fell in love with Hana Yori Dango, fell head over heels for Dorkface, and deep into the rabbit hole of Asian entertainment AND I CANT GET OUT

- Voldemort turned one. AND THE WORLD SHOOK WITH FEAR - as should you, because this face will haunt you:

- Moved from as far west as humanly possible in America to almost as far east in America as humanly possible. This involved me trucking through an airport BY MYSELF while trying to juggle a baby, a diaper bag, a computer, a stroller, and two cats, WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE GONE UNDER THE PLANE

- Got hit by a semi truck, and experienced only minor damage to the car, and no damage to child or self

- realized i have no skills for anything other then teaching

- helped elect Obama as America's next president

- got fired from a subbing job for being uppity

- lost at NaNoWriMo

- randomly offered a full time teaching job in SpEd PreK

Not bad, overall, just..weird.

In 2009,
I would like to not have to go through another epic move like the last one
I would like to write more fic
I would like to watch more dramas
I would like to pay off credit cards


Voldemort is INDEED death by cute.

Man. You HAVE had a rough year.

...I wish not to think about my last year. There's a big ugly NOTHING.
not..rough, exactly. just..weird. and strange. and involving a lot of japan.
Quite a year! I am hoping that 2009 will be a better year for yours truly/ I would also like to watch more dramas and pay off credit cards. I outed some plagiarists, but they were students in my class, and so they got Fs on the assignments (if only I had the power to smite them!). And I think being uppity is an excellent trait. I enjoy being uppity myself. ;)
if it were up to me, you would have the power to smite anytime you liked. *solomn nod*

being uppity is fun, but being fired for it kinda sucks.
Aw, thanks! Yes, I can see how being fired would suck. And boo, hiss to your kidney stones. I didn't know you got them, too. I have had them - one a few weeks back, in fact, and they suck. And stink. And I wouldn't wish them on anyone.

Squeeeee! to the cute pic of Adam Baldwin! I love Chuck! Did I tell you that the bad guy in the "Chuck Versus the Marlin" episode was a friend of mine from college?
oh YEAH, i get them, and honestly, I WOULD RATHER BE IN LABOR then go through kidney stones AGAIN. ive been through them 6 times, twice i was drugged out of my mind for a week, and once while i was 9 months pregnant. THAT WAS FUN.

i ADORE Adam Baldwin, and "Chuck" is awesome. that is so cool that was your friend!
I've had about the same number. Two during pregnancy - one for each kid. Yeah, I would rather be in labor too. Ugh.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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