Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Why Why Korea

I should be either:
A) wallowing in the depths of the yuletide archive gleefully
B) writing up an epic post about why I have no dignity, love Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and am remarkably cheerful about that loss of dignity
C) watching ep 4 of Why Why Love

my eyes are about to fall out from too much reading, and i can no longer keep fandoms straight
every time i try to write this up, i get distracted by wanting to provide pictorial proof, and i havent finished gathering it yet
the subs arent working, so i have to redownload, and currently, im in the middle of downloading Butterfly Lovers, or some cheesy HK movie with Wu Zun in it. Mmmmm.

So, I decided that beating myself in the face with a hammer would be much more entertaining, so I started Snow Queen, and DEAR FUCKING JESUS I AM LESS THAT TWO MINUTES IN AND IM PRETTY SURE THE TWO LEADS ARE ALREADY DEAD.

Also? just to point out, the slightest little know, if he really IS in fucking Lapland, his FACE WOULD FREEZE OFF WITHOUT SOMETHING OVER IT. And then he falls off a cliff.

WHY AM I WATCHING THIS? I already know Korea hates me and, if the two leads don't die, they are probably related. Or involved in a life of crime. Or in love with their sisters. AND THEN WILL END UP KILLING EACH OTHER.
Tags: kdrama, korea hates me

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